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Old main Firehouse Pizzeria & Taproom is downstairs. You deserve to view hours and also menu at


Situated in Downtown san Angelo, Old central Firehouse wasbuilt in 1929. That was one of the an initial firehouses in san Angelo and also remained a firehouse until 1976. This building is beautifulin stature and newly renovated into abed and brew.

Old central Firehouseprovides a unique, relaxing gain away in ~ walking distance to numerous of the points that make san Angelo so great.


Old main Firehouse Bed and Brew

offers comfortable, spacious rooms v king beds and private bathrooms.

BreakfastLight, me serve breakfast offered in lounge area, including cereal, yogurt bagels, coffee and also juice.

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Park and also RiverOld central Firehouse backs approximately the Fireman's Memorial Park. The Concho river runs along one side of this beautifulcity park.

Leisure Activities

Fireman's Memorial Park

Concho River

The Bosque

Tour historical Murals of mountain Angelo

Cultural Sites

San Angelo Museum of fine Arts


Miss Hattie's Bordello Museum

Heritage Park

EntertainmentThe house of FiFi DuBois

Think in a box Escape Room

San Angelo Symphony

San Angelo Performing Art

The RiverStage

The McNease Convention Center

Downtown EatsOld main Firehouse Pizzeria & Taproom (downstairs)

Twisted Root

Longhorn Coffee

Angry Cactus


Mesquite Bean


Downtown Shopping

Deja Vu

Legend Jewelers


Mad style Vintage

Concho Confetti

J. Wilde's

We were beyond impressed v our remain at the old central firehouse bed & brew! it was really clean through an enchanting aroma! The decor is modern yet cozy. They have actually kept the nostalgia the the old firehouse & included a lot of brand-new charm. The atmosphere is calm & the Babiash’s are really personable & hospitable. We didn’t desire to leave & can not recommend this getaway enough! even if it is you are locals or coming from the end of town, you will not regret your stay!