​We room an upper-middle course blended family, and also he is our youngest child. Ns think he has smoked marijuana sometimes over the past several months, regardless of our informing the household not to execute it.

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Setting expectations ​​​with our ​children helps avoid them from making use of excuses like, “Well, ns didn’t know.” Your son knew prior to he started smoking cigarettes marijuana the you especially told him no to perform so. He chose to disregard your instructions. It is your project as a parental to notify your kid that he has actually made a poor an option and to instantly follow up with a consequence.You claimed you think your son has been cigarette smoking marijuana for numerous months. When our kids repeatedly rest the rule without consequences, our inactivity just reinforces their misbehavior. Your child will proceed to break this rule until girlfriend let that know, in no uncertain terms, that his actions is unacceptable. The form of repercussion you decide to use depends on the severity the the behavior. Cigarette smoking marijuana is a severe behavior, so put some initiative into producing what girlfriend think will be one effective an effect and make it relate come the “crime” as carefully as possible. Because that example, if that gets caught smoking pot with a friend, he could lose the privilege that hanging out with that girlfriend for a duration of time. Or perhaps you have actually him perform some research study on the harmful effects of making use of marijuana and write a report for you. 

Since your son has broken your to trust in him, he may need to regain the trust by happen random medicine tests in your home. You have the right to buy these tests end the respond to at your local pharmacy.

These are simply a couple of examples of after-effects that deserve to be used independently or in combinations through teach other. Whichever ones you choose, mental to be consistent, follow v on what you to speak you will certainly do, and make certain you boy understands the connection between his behaviors and also the after-effects he earns. Also, make certain you offer your boy positive results when the does the monitor the rules and meets your expectations.

To get started, go ago and re-teach those expectations. Talk to your son around why that is smoking cigarettes marijuana, and assist him uncover an alternative activity or actions to perform instead. For example, if smoking cigarettes pot is his way of coping v stress, assist him come up through healthier methods to relax. If the is act it come fit in with his friends or peers, assist him find much more positive duty models through whom come associate. ​If he’s cigarette smoking pot simply due to the fact that he’s bored, assist him find an task he likes that will certainly occupy gradually in a an ext positive way.

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The sooner friend can effectively use results to adjust your young behavior, the less likely he will be to run right into other unpleasant aftermath like being arrested through the police or gift suspended from​ school.