We began with Pinang going v Nars and also Miggy to see howMackie was doing in ~ his vulcanizing shop.

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Elsa dubbed Marcy come tell her that she wanted to meet herand chat since she was earlier in the Philippines. Marcy invited Elsa over fordinner and said that she would organize a small get together for her. Elsacalled Miggy to tell her the they were invite for dinner at Marcy’s house.Miggy called Pinang and Nars about it therefore Pinang asked Nars to join them as well.They greeted Mackie at his shop and also then left him to work.
Phil had ice cream through Grandpa Apo at the sector then escortedhim home. He was saying goodbye to him when Marcy and also Emil arrived home. Marcytold Phil that her girlfriend from Singapore would certainly be visiting and also they were havinga gain together later so she invited him. Phil was excited and also she called Marcy thathe knew Elsa due to the fact that he had sent a letter to her to send her when he can notget an attend to or phone call number to with her.
Pinang was wary while walking home because she walk not desire torun into Phil and also was glad once the males that worked with him stated told herthat they left him at the market. Pinang go comfortable in the home butran right into Phil leaving your house. That greeted her and also said the would check out herlater for dinner climate rode far on his bike.
The minute Pinang observed Phil, she started having actually stomach painslike she had actually been having actually ever due to the fact that he brought her out of the mud and she wentto fuss around it in she room. She refuse to acknowledge that the was since ofPhil and went v her notes to figure out the symptoms she had and also diagnoseherself. She made some ginger tea and drank a lot of it to treat she stomachpain.
Marcy dug out the letter that Phil sent out her years ago andfinally check out it. Phil had profusely apologized come her and asked she to walk backto Singapore since he to let go her and all the things that she did for him.Marcy cried as she read it and she called Emil as soon as he joined her that she wasfated to meet with Phil again so the she might forgive him and also the 2 of themcould finally have some closure.
Pinang’s tea did no make her far better and she came to be fussyall evening together they prepared dinner for the guests. She stained she blouse asshe lugged grilled fish to Emil and he asked her to go inside the house andchange.
Nars saw Miggy’s place so the they can go together toPinang’s house. Miggy wore a vibrant dress hope that among the color on itwould match Phil’s outfit; she had actually asked for a sign from the universe, the ifshe and Phil wore matching garments then lock were meant to it is in together.
They went with Elsa to Pinang’s house and were removed thegifts the Elsa had brought for Marcy indigenous the auto from Phil arrived. He wore ablue and also it to be the one shade that was not on Miggy’s dress! Miggy wasdevastated as Nars tried come console her.
Elsa to be happy to see Marcy and also even much more delighted to seePhil again. She said she to be happy to view that he and also Marcy were able to fix thingsbetween them.
Pinang joined them after changing and Nars was rapid to notethat she blouse suitable Phil’s outfit. Miggy was devastated however Pinang askedher not to put too much meaning to the stupid sign. Miggy was however miserableall with the meal and also could proper eat. The remainder taught Phil just how to speakTagalog while he proved them part Portuguese words.
Miggy stood up to obtain the desserts indigenous the fridge whilePhil claimed that he would get some water. Miggy took the chance to questioning himwhether he chosen Pinang because he had said in Portuguese that the girl seatedin prior of him to be beautiful. (Phil had actually said the in passing thinking no oneunderstood him but Miggy had been finding out Portuguese ever because she met him.)She continued to questioning if that did not discover her beautiful and also Phil assured she thatshe was beautiful too. Miggy said him that she had actually a to like on him and also wasfalling in love v him. Phil said he was sorry due to the fact that he just saw her as afriend and hugged her.
When lock got earlier to the table, Pinang said that lock wouldgo to evaluation at the hut and also left v Nars and also Miggy. Pinang and Nars consoledMiggy and also told her that it was far better now that points were clear in between herand Phil and also she would certainly not have to hope anymore.
Back in ~ the table, they all gushed around Pinang because shewas a hard worker and Phil claimed that it was why he liked her. That went ~ above toexplain the he preferred her, Miggy and Nars since they operated hard for theirgoals so that he would not single out Pinang. Elsa request if she was dating and also everyonewent front to oppose the idea of Pinang dating which disappointed Phil.
Phil claimed goodbye to Marcy and also thanked her for inviting himbecause the critical time he had such an suffer was as soon as he remained in Brazil.Marcy asked that to call his parental if that missed them and also pray so the theirissues would be resolved. As soon as Phil gothome, the prayed because that Marcy and also her family because they to be the human being he nowconsidered his family.
Elsa said Marcy that she was already separated native herhusband which to be why she went back to the Philippines however she go not desire totell Miggy around it since she go not want to have her distracted throughout thebar exams.
Pinang currently had her interview for the us Visa scheduledand Miggy told her to think around her decision come leave much more carefully sinceshe would no longer have actually her family members with her and they always made it much easier forsomeone to attend to things as soon as life was hard.

Elsa speak to Miggy and asked her what to be wrong with her.Miggy claimed she to be sad because the man she favored did not favor her earlier and Elsatold her the she still had actually to walk on and be happy.
At the clinic the following day, Nars had a gushing sessionwhen the brand-new nurse arrived to sign in. He started to snap from jitters afterthe nurse brushed previous him however then he got a contact from his girlfriend andNars practically died from love break.
To cheer the up and Miggy, Pinang request them to gofor a Karaoke session and sing the heart break away. They checked out Miggy’s placeand sang love songs all through the night.
In the morning, Pinang was acquisition her custards to De Luna’sand was wait on a tricycle as soon as one traction up. Phil got out that it just asPinang was around to get in since she did not understand he to be inside. He said thathe would certainly let her use it since he was not in a hurry. Pinang clutched herstomach again and also Phil asked she to have actually it confirm by a doctor because he hadnoticed the she had stomach pains. Pinang stated she was fine and hurriedly gotin the tricycle.
When Pinang acquired to the clinic, she walk to see the doctorand she was an extremely happy to be diagnosed through gastritis.
Phil observed Grandpa Apo at the market and offered to walk homewith him since he had currently sold every his brooms. Apo said that it to be tooearly and also he would go come Julian’s café instead so Phil agreed to go through him.The moment they walked in, the girl at the counter might not aid but gushover Phil. They dealt with to take his order and Julian got upset becauseMargerette was infatuated through Phil as well.
Julian went house late because he extended Margerette’s shiftbut the was also upset since she was crushing over Phil. Pinang i found it thathe to be upset and also he said her the he to be annoyed in ~ a customer due to the fact that the girlhad a like on preferred him. Pinang told him that a to like was an alleged to make himhappy and also not grumpy and also then offeredhim dinner.
The adhering to day to be Sunday and Pinang went v Julian tothe coffee shop to examine there. Mackie entered town through them and had too and also theylaughed at him once he received a speak to from Lotlot because he forgot around havinglunch with her. Mackie apologized due to the fact that he had actually to open the shop and he couldnot go visit her. They then teased Pinang due to the fact that Phil did not seem like hewould it is in leaving any type of time soon and also they implied the he was staying since ofher. Pinang claimed that she was not a duck; because Phil was remaining to haveenough time to market his ducks.
Marcy had an argument with Grandpa Apo because he request herto prevent working as well much and also rest but she did no listen come him. They howevermade up after Marcy do a dish the he preferred for him.
Pinang went with Julian at his café and also got a table alone sothat she can study. Nars called her and also she asked him and Miggy to join her over there then went to thebathroom due to the fact that she had actually been drink a lot of tea.

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Phil also left Dahlia’s residence to look because that a coffee shop hecould work-related at because he was gaining sleepy at home. He went to Julian’s coffee shop andafter providing Margarette his order, she inquiry him to share a table through someonebecause the location was full.
Phil was currently working when Pinang reverted from thebathroom and also he defined to her that he had actually to sit there since there were noavailable tables. He hope she did not mind and Pinang said it was fine because it was no her café. Shehowever inquiry him not to annoy her and Phil provided a winning laugh as hepromised no to bother her. We finished as Pinang tried to read but her gaze wentto Phil…
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