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Nissan Altima - Brake Light and Battery Light ON (auto, idle, exhaust)
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I hear a tick tick noise once am driving my Altima. The sound shows up to come close from the dashboard AND tonight I noticed that my brake light and battery light both are ALWAYS ON.Here is the situation:1. The hand also brake is/was not involved.2. checked the brake fluid and also its about 80% full3. Battery - is brand-new, replaced at AutoZone just 3 months back.Finally, I thought possibly its the brake pads(wearing out) or the alternator.I replaced the alternator about 18 months ago(paid around $310).Using a multimeter, I checked the voltage throughout the battery terminals and also it was around 12.5V and also also when I revve the engine the voltage wouldn"t rise.Does this suppose the alternator isn"t charging or am I lacking anything?Also, whats up via the tick tick noise that I save hearing?
I am not particular about the other stuff, yet the reality that your voltage does not go up once you rev the engine and also considering the 12.5 V you quote, it appears your auto is not charging the battery. That does not necessarily mean your alternator is bad, however this is the the majority of most likely point. Does the ticking noise go through engine rate, road speed, or is it constant? Your guess that the brake pads have actually worn down to the sensor is an excellent one. Does your Altima have actually just one light for brake "faults" or does it have actually a number of like a BMW? I am guessing the former.
Does the ticking noise go via engine rate, road rate, or is it constant? Your guess that the brake pads have actually worn dvery own to the sensor is a great one. Does your Altima have just one light for brake "faults" or does it have actually numerous choose a BMW? I am guessing the former.
Mitch,The noise remains constant and also am analysis some online develops and someone mentioned it could be a relay making a noiseRegarding the voltage, I have to be worried if the battery was shedding voltage when the engine was turned ON right?Not sure, how it is in BMW yet Atimas have actually simply one light(atleastern mine does).
Have the codes checked and that will certainly give you a idea what it is via both the battery light and also the brake light.

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Battery + Brake Light is Nissan"s warning for the alternator. Your alty may have took a proverbial crap.
Thanks everyone for their input.Went to Advance Auto and ordered "WorldWide Alternator" Part #12003 and also then took it to my mechanic to install and also currently I don"t check out the brake light nor the battery light ON. so far so excellent.Alternator - $199(check out the attachment)Installation - $60Total - $259 + taxDuring installation, I discovered out that this was a re-manufactured one so that"s somepoint to think around. However, this has lifetime warranty.Link: Alternator by Worldwide - Part 12003 - Advance Auto Parts
Many alt"s are reconstructed unless a NEW one is purchased from the dealer.Water under the bridge yet a Volt meter would certainly have presented the output of the Alt (max 12.5 volts) if functioning effectively. Normally the Alt puts out 14.5 V but a constructed in Volt Reg reduces the voltage to 12.5 so as not to cook the battery.Only benefit to a life time guarantee is if a person intends on keeping the auto for many kind of yrs ahead.I one time paid a shop $98 for a life time exhaust system which was incredibly high at that time. Little did they know I would keep the truck for 17-1/2 yrs and they reinserted my device even more then when during that time...they shed money on me.Yrs earlier it was widespread for world to profession off their car eexceptionally 2 yrs so the life time warranty was a money maker.Some world below from the old institution understand what I"m referring too.Steve