Batman: A Celebration of the Standard TV Series is the definitive book for all fans of the popular Sixties present. Presented in a lavish hardcover edition, the book functions classical images, rare stills, photography and also production art and also serves as the ultimate tribute for fans of the series.Now at long last, collectors and also Bat-fans aprefer can indulge in a in-depth and in-depth look at the present that influenced generations.BATMAN and all associated personalities and also aspects are trademarks of and (c) DC Comics. (s15)

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Robert Garcia is an editor, writer and also graphic designer and also has composed for Filmfax, Locus, and Cine-fantastique. At CFQ he occurred a double-problem on the Batman 60s TV display, composed via Joe Desris, the first thorough look at the TV display and also the first time many of the primary crew members had been interperceived. He was interperceived on the E! special on Adam West as an experienced on the show

Editorial Reviews

Enjoy full color looks at every one of the villains and also reap the innocence of a Dark Knight that was not dark at all.” - Joblo gift guide“a great tribute” - Fangirl Nation“I can"t overstate enough simply how a lot content is packed right into Batman: A Celebration of the Classic TV Series and also exactly how wondertotally it"s put together.

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There"s an absolutely insane amount of amazing and brand-new product for even the most die-hard of Batman fans to uncover, and also it"s all recorded in a beautiful absolute need to own.” - World’s Finest“This art book will stop to all Batman fans, specifically those that grew up with the 1960"s TV series, however likewise by those that appreciate the character and his background as a live-action superhero.” - Entertainment Buddha“Tright here is so a lot information tucked right into the peras...I discovered myself fascinated analysis about actors, props, and set design.” - Fangirl Nation“For this Holiday seaboy, this Batman:  A Celebration of the Classic TV Series provides an excellent gift.” - Retrenders“Filled through classical images, and rare and also formerly unwatched photos and manufacturing art from archives and the personal collections of Adam West, among many others, this will certainly be the definitive companion to the series, both for long-standing fans, and also newcomers discovering the show’s cdamages for the initially time.” - Forces of Geek"One book that must be on that should be on eexceptionally Bat-fan"s coffee table" - Batmale Notes“a must-have actually for fans of the TV show.” -  Kirkus“a book no Bat-fan of the series must be without. It uses a wonderful peek behind the curtain at the work-related of the talented actors and also crew that produced this iconic series.” Cinema Sentries“a damn fine archive of the show’s run” -  Entertainment Buddha