Tami opens up up around her ex-husband"s stroke, OG voices her opinion about Kristen and Cece"s attempt to mfinish their connection, and points gain heated in between OG and Kristen.

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OG encounters the aftermath of her actions, Tami chooses a side, Shaunie finds a safe haven, Cece threa10s to sever before ties with her blended household, and also Malaysia looks for answers.

Malaysia confronts OG at Cece"s engagement party, Shaunie considers inviting Jennifer on the following ladies" expedition, and Tami decides to go public via her marital relationship.

On the San Diego pilgrimage, tensions in between Evelyn and also Jennifer instantly boil over, Jennifer opens up up around her mom"s passing, and Malaysia tries to mend the Scott family members rift.

Malaysia doesn"t think Jennifer has actually turned over a brand-new leaf, OG threatens Feby over an insulting rap, and also Byron clarifies his function in the spanalysis of the Thomas rumor.

Jennifer calls out Cece over an incriminating text message, Tami pursues a brand-new career route, and Shaunie"s family celebprices Shareef"s development in his recoextremely.
Jen spreads gossip about Tami and also Feby, leading to stress between all the women affiliated, and as soon as everyone gets together at a roller-skating party the wheels come off.
Malaysia, Feby and Jackie obtain right into a near brawl, Evelyn tries to gain Malaysia answers, Jackie and also OG take the woguys to court, and also Evelyn reconnects via her ex"s daughter.
Jackie disrupts Jennifer"s cancer advantage trying to find a fight, OG sets up a meeting through Byron and also Cece to help Kwame"s career, and also an unfavorable story gets leaked to the press.
OG begins making the transition from footround player to coach, Shaunie and also Evelyn provide rate dating a try, and some of the women are no-mirrors to Jackie"s podactors roundtable.
After a questionable photo-op, the ladies attempt to number out where they all stand through Jennifer, Shaunie expands her company interests, and also Tami renders a shocking announcement.
Tensions run high in Costa Rica once Cece gets mad at Evelyn for dredging up her household drama, Feby drunkenly rants at Jackie, and Jackie accoffers Feby of being a drug addict.
The group"s pilgrimage to Costa Rica is full of firefunctions as Cece shows a various side, Jackie and Feby trade jabs, and OG starts a rumor around Evelyn"s ex.
Shaunie is fed up with OG"s continuous risks of violence, Evelyn prints out some compromising DMs in between OG and also Chad, and also Jackie is compelled to select sides.
The Seakid 8 actors joins hold Marc Lamont Hill for a look back at an unforgettable seachild, but not prior to some behind-the-scenes predisplay drama with OG, Cece and Jackie.
Jackie attempts to prove her innocence, Malaysia and also Jennifer challenge off, Shaunie discusses the affect of colorism, and one womale makes an unsupposed leave.
Shaunie breaks significant news about her future in L.A., Evelyn initiates a meeting through Jackie and also Malaysia, and also Jackie"s plans to gain the group together are upended by COVID-19.
The females address COVID-19 and the civil unrest complying with George Floyd"s death, Malaysia has actually an overwhelming talk with her children, and also Evelyn"s mansion getameans principle gets a mixed reception.
The ladies arrive at their respective mansions, Evelyn gets unsupposed news from Feby, Liza talks via Shaunie about a financial problem with her ex, and also Kristen tries to make tranquility with OG.
Liza tries to relocate on from her ex, Nia and Noria Dorsey sign up with the staycation, OG opens up up around the racism she proficient as a kid, and Malaysia and also Jackie attend to their fraught friendship.
Jackie and also Malaysia talk out their issues, Nia reveals her connection to Feby, and Kristen and also Malaysia crash Jackie"s game day in order to offer OG an olive branch.
Malaysia, Evelyn, Kristen, Shaunie and Liza bond over a game of double Dutch, then chat around their individual pubic hairformats.
Ryan apologizes for betraying a frifinish, Phor prepares for fatherhood, and also Charmaine tries to take control of her shop once a brand-new seaboy of Babsence Ink Crew Chicago premieres October 4.
After months of pain, loss and new starts, it"s time to watch if the Chi crew can ultimately come together on a brand-new seaboy of Black Ink Crew Chicago, premiering October 4.
The 305 much better acquire all set to roll out the red carpet for Joseline Hernandez on Seaboy 3 of Love & Hip Hop Miami, premiering January 6.
The two-episode Season 3 premiere kicks off with Blueconfront versus Dreamdoll and also Clarence White versus Queen Naija this Tuesday 8/7c.

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Watch KP and his artists" cumulative turn their city around with ink, music and also opportunities when Babsence Ink Crew Compton premieres on Wednesday, August 14, at 10/9c.