“Baseball been berry, berry great to me!” – the well known SNL catchphrase the Garrett Morris as Chico Escuela…


If you’re old enough to have been the town hall Saturday Night Live in the so late Seventies you might have to be watching episode 5 that Season 4 when it first aired ~ above November 11, 1978. (I am and I was.)

Buck Henry was the host. The grateful Dead to be the music guests. And, there to be several standard skits — consisting of one at the finish that introduced what would end up being a famed TV catchphrase.

The map out takes ar at a meeting of the St. Mickey’s Knights of Columbus.

After taking care of a few business items, the organization’s leader, play by SNL cast member John Belushi, announces the the club would have a special guest speaker that night.

Dan Aykroyd, play the Knights’ treasurer, notes that the team had to go into debt to pay the speaker’s steep $900 fee.

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Belushi climate introduces this distinct guest: “the immortal” Chico Escuela, a former all-star baseball player because that the Chicago Cubs who came to the united state from the Dominican Republic.

After gift introduced, Chico — shown by SNL actors member Garrett Morris — gets up, stands at the podium and says in a thick hispanic accent:

“Thank girlfriend berry much. Baseball to be berry, berry great to me. Say thanks to you. God bless you. Gracias!”

Then he sit down.

Astonished by the brevity that this $900 “speech,” Belushi’s personality asks: “Is the it Chico?”

Chico thinks about it a second, it s okay up again and adds: “Keep girlfriend eye...keep friend eyes...on de ball.”

After which, the sits down again.

Belushi says sardonically: “Thank you, Chico. You’ve been an inspiration to all of us.”

Three mainly later, throughout the December 9, 1978 episode of SNL, Morris’s Chico make a second appearance and repeated his line “Baseball been berry, berry good to me!” several times — make this the night on i m sorry it acquired official catchphrase status.

In that illustration (Season 4, episode 8), the hold was Monty Python star Eric idle. Kate Bush to be the music guest. Dan Aykroyd perform the insanely funny skit in which the plays a frantic Julia Child, who bleeds to fatality after cutting she finger. And, Don Novello verified up together Father Guido Sarducci.


Chico was in the Weekend Update segment with Jane Curtin, that announced that he had actually been hired as the Weekend Update sports commentator. ~ being presented by jane (this time together a former new York Mets ballplayer), Chico says:

“Thank you. Say thanks to you, berry, berry much. Baseball to be berry, berry great to me. Thank you, Hane.

Pete-ee Rose...Baseball to be berry, berry great to Pete Rose. Three-point-two-million-dollar para Pete Rose. Charlie Hustle, you bet. Thank you berry, berry much.

In foot-ball... Ns don’t recognize football. In Dominican Republic, soccer is — exactly how you say, Hane? Um, Oh! Soccer! her football... Ns don’t know.

In nationwide Hockey League... I don’t recognize hockey.

In baseball… Baseball been berry, berry an excellent to me! give thanks to you berry much. Say thanks to you. Thank you berry much. Hane? thank you, Hane.”

Hearing Chico’s fact-challenged report, jane responds sarcastically: “Great job, Chico. I’m glad that us haven’t rental just an additional stupid ex-jock sportscaster.”

Morris went on to show up as Chico Escuela eight much more times before leaving the Saturday Night Live cast in the summer the 1980.

Each time, he repetitive “Baseball been berry, berry great to me!” (sometimes composed as “Beisbol to be bery, bery an excellent to me!” and also in various other ways). It remains among the most well known of the numerous memorable catchphrases created by SNL.

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