Name:Bank that the West, Palo Alto Branch Full business Brick and also Mortar Office
Review:69 customer reviews
Location:414 S. California AvenuePalo Alto, CA 94306Santa Clara CountyView various other Branches

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The Bank

Client Review

69 client reviews of financial institution of the West score 3 the end of 5.

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Customer Service,what customer service? as whole Rating interest Rate and Cost Office atmosphere & employee Waiting Time various other Servicesby bankonit, Sep. 09, 2020Ive been through this bank for virtually 20 years,and this year will certainly be my last. Yearly the custmoer company of my branch goes down and down. I have two accounts through them and my daughter has an account through them. However, no for long. We live in a nieghborhood wth many financial institutions to choose from and the Cherry Creek financial institution of the West have to realise that and also act accordingly. My family is done, however, and also we will go what else.* this reviewer has be with this bank for >10 years* this reviewer had 1 - 2 financial institutions before.* this testimonial was made on bank of the West, Cherry Creek in ~ Denver, COWas this review beneficial to you? Yes, No Report Abuse

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Terrible experience in its entirety Rating interest Rate and also Cost Office setting & staff Waiting Time other Servicesby xboxhaxorz, Oct. 30, 2019Spent about 45 mins with a organization banker called Raul Velasquez, tried and apparently my account was not processed properly as i deserve to not obtain online access, both online customer service and Raul say i now should come ago into the bank so they can fix their mistakes, i am no happy at all and also do no recommend this financial institution to any kind of person who values their time* this reviewer has actually be v this bank for * this reviewer had actually 6 - 10 banks before.* this testimonial was do on financial institution of the West, mountain Diego key Branch at san Diego, CAWas this review useful to you? Yes, No Report Abuse

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