Click Clock Wood is much various than anything you"ve checked out in the game hence much, and also is potentially the just point choose it in the Nintenexecute 64 library. The human being is made of 4 subsections, each of which have their very own season of the exact same area, and each affects the various other in some way or an additional.

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To open up the door to Spring, look for a flower switch in front of the Autumn door. Grab the 4 (004/100) Notes outside the entrance prior to entering. Right when you enter, you need to check out a (01/25) Mumbo Token over a flytrap; if you desire to gain it, you"ll have to use gold feathers. Take a swim in the water to the ideal and pass by a beaver that cannot be helped at the moment. After you pass via an archmethod, you"ll find another (02/25) Mumbo Token on your left and also a field via some (008/100) Notes in it on your right. Poot 5 eggs right into the hole in the ground below and proceed relocating counter-clockwise to pick up 3 more (011/100) Notes on a ledge.

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The thorns below are quite painful; instead of going dvery own into them, go left (in the direction of the central tree) up from wbelow the previous Notes used to lie. If you go to the best, you deserve to uncover a gold feather. The left slope takes you to the first level of the central tree. Circle around it and collect three sets of three (020/100) Notes before relocating up one level. Take out a bird and also relocate up the slope to the left (the leaves to the right cannot be provided now). At the initially flat suggest, a branch stems out, which holds a (03/25) Mumbo Token and also a gold feather; the gold feather is in a flytrap, yet, and it would be pointless to use a feather to gain one. Continue to the next branch, which has a beehive on it. There"s another (04/25) Mumbo Token on the front finish of it.

To development better up the tree, you"ll have to flap from one indent in the hardwood to the next. At the end of this segment is an unfinished home through a (05/25) Mumbo Token on it and a floating unfinimelted bridge leading better up into the tree. At the height of the bridge is the switch to open up Summer, in addition to the entrance to a squirrel"s residence, whose name is Nabnut. The just suggest of interest ideal currently is a (06/25) Mumbo Token on his dresser. Additional up the tree is a (07/25) Mumbo Token close to another branch. This branch holds an eagle"s egg that requires your attention to hatch. Climbing the rest of the tree is going to be a little bit scary considering that there"s no ground to capture you if you autumn. Perserious and also reach the optimal to discover a (1/5) Jinjo stuck in a flytrap. Near him is a door leading into the tree - a (01/10) Jiggy is just sitting on the floor in right here.

You"re virtually done via Spring now; head on over to the wading boots in front of Mumbo"s hut and also walk in a tiny crevice to find one more (08/25) Mumbo Token prior to asking the shamale to transcreate you into a bee. Fly to the height of the beehive and loss dvery own to the entrance so you can walk inside. Inside is a (2/5) Jinjo and a Jiggy, however you will not have the ability to get the Jiggy yet. Leave the hive and fly as high up as you can and also circle about the optimal of the tree till you discover a (02/10) Jiggy floating above a flytrap. Leave Spring as a bee; you"ll lose the transdevelopment instantly as you enter Summer.

Note: There is no longer a need for Mumbo Tokens if you were able to purchase this last transformation. Feel totally free to stop collecting them after this allude.


The eagle you hatched earlier is awake now, and also it"s craving specifically 5 caterpillars. One such (1/5) Caterpillar is ideal in front of you as soon as you enter Summer, right underneath two leaves through (022/100) Notes on them. Once you capture it and the Notes, rotate to the left and talon trot in the corner to uncover a well-hidden (3/5) Jinjo. Walk right into the now empty lake and look behind among the massive rock frameworks for a 2nd (2/5) Caterpillar, then speak via the beaver. Bash the rock with

, then follow him in and also collect the (09/25) Mumbo Token and also (024/100) Notes inside. You will not be able to gain your reward until later on.

Follow the empty river out of the lake to discover the switch for Autumn, then use the slope by the lake"s entrance to acquire roughly the tree. Circle about till you deserve to drop down by the plot of soil you once watered in spring. A (3/5) Caterpillar will certainly be crawling beside a flytrap and also, many obviously, Gobi the camel will certainly be right here after having actually relocated from the valley - particularly to prevent you. Crush his ago one more time to make him spit some water onto the freduced and induce a coma on the poor guy.

Move towards Mumbo"s hut, collecting an additional (10/25) Mumbo Token and (4/5) Caterpillar as you go. You"ll uncover a fifth (5/5) Caterpillar by Mumbo"s hut, however the eagle will certainly need more in Autumn; collect all of the ones you come across after this allude. Get in the hut and jump on the unlit torches so you deserve to obtain an additional (11/25) Mumbo Token, then begin moving up the tree as soon as even more. There"s an additional (12/25) Mumbo Token stuck in a flytrap, but you"ll want to preserve at least 5 gold feathers for an occasion coming up. Instead of going up the lengthy wooden slope, go to the best and also use the now-grvery own leaves. You"ll have the ability to gain a (03/10) Jiggy up at the finish of the route, and also from tright here you can shock jump right into some more leaves for a (13/25) Mumbo Token.

If you obtain through the remainder of the leaves previous the token, you"ll have skipped many normal climbing and also will land in front of a (6/5) Caterpillar. Return earlier to the start of the leaves and climb generally. The initially branch currently has a brand-new (14/25) Mumbo Token and one more (7/5) Caterpillar on it. Grab three (027/100) Notes on the next branch up and also break via the optimal of the beehive. If you stand also on the Jiggy honeycomb in the middle of the hive, the bees will certainly sheat you. Use some gold feathers and stand also still till they all defeat themselves. The fourth (04/10) Jiggy will certainly be yours at the expense of a couple of gold feathers.

This following branch is wright here the 6th caterpillar was acquired. The residence on this branch is a tiny even more developed now; grab the (031/100) Notes external the entrance and then jump via the floorless residence to get to the next (05/10) Jiggy. Try your hardest to leave the home the means you came. If you fall and also need to climb up aget, try making use of the leaves all the method with to conserve some time. When you recover, cross the unfiniburned bridge aacquire and also walk behind the honeycomb container in front of Nabnut"s residence for a couple of (036/100) Notes. From the ideal side, jump onto a platform through one more (8/5) Caterpillar on it. If you decide to visit Nabnuts, you"ll check out that he"s arisen rather a stomach (and also uncontrolled gas).

To move to the eagle"s colony, you now must perform midair attacks so you can defeat the birds in holes. Feed the eagle five caterpillars to make him thrive and also pass out. The room at the height of the tree currently just has actually an extra life in it, so you"re excellent to move into Autumn.


The eagle will easily ask for ten caterpillars when you enter Autumn. Take the (15/25) Mumbo Token in the flytrap at the start if you want, then range a pile of leaves appropriate alongside it to acquire a (04/10) Caterpillar. Now that the lake has actually filled up, go to the beaver"s house and also swim as much as him to earn your (06/10) Jiggy reward for helping him out. He has actually two (038/100) Notes on a shelf also.

The flytrap at the begin of the river currently holds three (041/100) Notes. If you"re out of gold feathers, the easiest means to restock on them is to leave Click Clock Wood and grab the one feather at the entrance room on a leaf. Re-entering and leaving the level will make one more feather spawn. Be warned, though, that if you leave Click Clock Wood, you"ll come ago through zero caterpillars. When you have those Notes, make Gobi water the plant one last time; he"ll mention that he"s off to the "lava world", but you will not be seeing him there unless you play Banjo-Tooie. You won"t have the ability to gain the Jiggy that the flower produces appropriate currently, so grab the (046/100) Notes behind the flower and also climb the leaf piles for a (05/10) Caterpillar and also a (4/5) Jinjo.

Climb the leaf piles on the appropriate at the end of this component of the floor to get one more (06/10) Caterpillar, then relocate roughly the whole initially level of the tree to collect all of the Notes, however make sure you stop to gain an additional (07/10) Caterpillar on the various other side of the archmeans at the lake"s entrance. If you include the ones in an additional flytrap, you must have actually (061/100) Notes. One even more (08/10) Caterpillar is on the course towards Mumbo"s hut.

There"s a (09/10) Caterpillar in Mumbo"s hut and 4 even more (068/100) Notes on the walkmeans above the room. Use the wading boots to get ago to the start of the climb up the tree. Like in Summer, take the leaf course initially and you"ll find a (16/25) Mumbo Token. After you have it, take the normal course up the tree. The first branch will have a (17/25) Mumbo Token and also a (10/10) Caterpillar on it. Tbelow are 2 (12/10) Caterpillars at the beehive (one on it and also one inside), and a couple of more (073/100) Notes inside it also.

The 3rd tree branch has actually one more (18/25) Mumbo Token on among its leaves. There isn"t anything in the finished residence conserve for some honeycombs, so drop down onto an additional (13/10) Caterpillar and start walking up the bridge, which is practically finiburned. Nabnuts will be external his residence, looking for six acorns. Talon trot up the steep wooden slope near his residence and also break open a window to find an (1/6) Acorn in a flooded room. Next off, walk up another ramp and also backflip right into the (2/6) Acorn in the back before very closely obtaining the (3/6) Acorn in the middle of the circle. Directly under that one is a fourth (4/6) Acorn. Give them to Nabnut and also enter his house to uncover a (14/10) Caterpillar and a few (076/100) Notes. It seems he"s forgained around an (5/6) Acorn that he left in right here, too. The last acorn is on the reduced collection of slanted planks; look roughly for a steep slope through an (6/6) Acorn at the finish of it and carefully trot down to it. Nabnut will offer you a (07/10) Jiggy for helping him out.

The next point of interest as you climb up the tree is the switch to open up the door to Winter, which will be in front of the eagle"s colony. One last (15/10) Caterpillar is behind the eagle and also some (084/100) Notes line the edge. Feed the eagle till he passes out again prior to continuing up the tree. In front of the highest room is one more (16/10) Caterpillar for great meacertain, along with a (19/25) Mumbo Token in a flytrap. Nothing will certainly be in the room itself. Look below and place a jump so you land on the beehive (or simply make your means down to it), then jump from that to the height of the flower underneath you so you can gain the (08/10) Jiggy you offered Gobi to gain.


Like in Freezeezy Peak, talon trotting will certainly aid you from sliding approximately, but now you"ll just have to worry about that once walking on snow. Use the scurrently pile to the left to reach the trip pad in front of Mumbo"s hut (the vines are no longer dangerous) and also fly to the top of the hut for the last (5/5) Jinjo, that will certainly offer you a (09/10) Jiggy for finding him and also his friends. Use the flight pad to take treatment of all of the snowmale adversaries around the tree; one on ground level will be hiding a (20/25) Mumbo Token, and another (21/25) Mumbo Token is in the continues to be of the big freduced you grew.

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There"s a hole in the ice near the flower. Use it to swim to the beaver"s home, yet be quick about it; the rules of swimming at Rusty Bucket Bay apply to this freezing cold water. The beaver will have a (1/2) Honeycomb Piece in his house on a shelf. Swim back to the hole quickly to prevent dying. There"s a (22/25) Mumbo Token behind the trip pad on the lake, which you deserve to reach by jumping off the slopes alongside it. From the pad, fly to the switch for Gruntilda"s Lair that you need to have seen earlier after defeating the snowguy beside it; it"ll be on a tiny branch in between the flight pad and the entrance to the area. The next place you need to fly to is a lonesome window in above Nabnut"s front door, which you need to charge into while flying. Inside is a (2/2) Honeycomb Piece, the last among the game.