Last month you really probably observed the epic, unapologetically American difficulty issued through Megabots via YouTube to Japan-based Suidobashi hefty Industries propose the 2 companies have their two gigantic 15 ft robots fight. Suidobashi, who speak to their huge robot the “Kuratas,” accepted. Between them, your two difficulty videos have actually been viewed practically 10 million times. And there have actually been end 1,100 news write-ups published.

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“You grew up hoping the the gigantic robot war of scientific research fiction would end up being real, and we walk too.

That dream is one-year away.” – Matt Oehrlein, Co-Founder that Megabots.

Now, the two companies simply need to make their robots combat ready.


“We’ve to be working v the MegaBots guys since the beginning and also we’re gonna make sure they haveall the the hardware and also software they should beat KURATAS!” – Carl Bass, CEO of

It’s true. is super serious about our love of Megabots. We’ve been large fans since we very first met Gui and also crew working out that Artisan’s Asylum in Boston. We organized them at University and used your cannon to fire t-shirts in ~ our attendees. Us partnered at machine Faire san Francisco to pleasure attendees v the imaginative paintball-induced damage of a car. We’ve offered them accessibility to our world-class Pier 9 manufacturing facility in mountain Francisco and also given castle our complete suite of software program to create.

Why? an extremely simply, Megabots personifies the future of make things.

The way of production are changing.

The old means of make things have changed. Structure stuff isn’t about secluded teams, tired ideas, and also waiting forever to secure present of credit transaction for prohibitively high value initial investments. The future of making depends on communication expansion and also connectivity. Establishments like Megabots work collaboratively on style projects across the globe and reacts to regional taste and society to produce on-point content. Megabots discovered a way to involve those passionate around robots by group sourcing the breakthrough of their turret cannon (and they used A360 to execute it). They’re using crowd resources to avoid large capital requirements. This nimble and collective development method way their new ideas are carried to market faster, through anyone.

The future of manufacturing is very customized.


“We’re structure the scientific research fiction sports league of the future, one gigantic robot fight at a time,” said

Gui Cavalcanti, MegaBots CEO.

Gone room the work of settling for good enough v what you discover on the shelf. Megabots irreversible vision is to build starter kit to aid teams help themselves. Have the right to you imagine extremely personalized robot warriors representing your city? Megabots can. And they aren’t the only agency with this type of customize-to-fit mentality. The rise of economic prosperity about the world has resulted in consumers to need it. Now bigger populations room connected and educated around products, and also have an ext choices about which products they purchase. Aesthetics, personalization, sustainability, manufacturing place now have greater impacts as this are crucial to consumers. The future is customized and also Megabots is proving it.

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Where does fusion 360 come in?

Do you want your very own mini Megabot? Of course you do. Us at combination 360 room helping them execute it! Gui and also Matt freshly compleleted a very successful Kickstarter campaign and didn’t desire to just settle for offering rewards based upon their last generation model. Critical year we worked with them to make a totally 3D printable variation of their “Mark 2” however this time they want better. They weren’t willing to resolve for a long lead time production run come injection mold on critical year’s model. Rather Megabots will certainly be utilizing on-demand 3D to press to administer their present Megabot vision as one of their Kickstarter sponsor rewards. Blend 360 is a an excellent tool because that cranking out architecture concepts that are highly an innovative and facility while still producing robust, manufacturable geometry. So, your first-generation concept to turn the Mk2 into ‘Murricabot is quite literally the same model they room using for your Kickstarter reward. How’s that for Kickstarter backers being associated in the process?


But wait there’s more…

Where it provides sense, fine be seeing combination 360 supplied as the primary CAD tool of choice for this following go around of production design. And, us still suspect a have to use Inventor, too. We’re proud come compliment blend 360 with the power of our broader solution set. Primarily, we simply feel that combination 360 is the future the designing and we’re really excited to involve our team and also resources to assist make Megabots a tremendous success and learn along the way.