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This episode carries content warnings for insect infestation of a human body, bodily transformation, and visual delusions.  through the ersatz town of Marrow Creek behind them, the members the the Blackwick team still onboard the Jade Moon uncover themselves spend with an individual projects, an individual schemes, and an individual excess. Marn find herself between raw nothing and also a location with the vibrant air of every little thing all at once. Es investigates the limits of “room service.” Pickman sturdies herself for a troubling conversation. Duvall, together he is wont to do, proceeds to investigates the ever-changing self. And there is, that course, the issue of a map tournament. This mainly on Sangfielle: just Returns Pt. 1 The Almanac that the Heartland Rider locations Sapodilla: One of, if no the, largest city within of the walls of Concentus. Sapodilla rests top top the western shore of the large lake the takes up lot of southeastern Sangfielle, and prizes itself as the rarely hub of culture in the bloodfields. In current years, the an effective witch searching organization referred to as the Glim Macula has grown in strength there, fan to the city’s focus on furthering “civilization.” The sleeping City: Every 13 years, a metropolis wakes with the buzzing sound the life. Perform not overcome its borders uninvited, particularly not when it and also its residents are at rest. Blackwick County: From the mines to the lake, the hills to the flats, the city once referred to as Eastern Folly has felt a little more expansive now that it’s the end of the hard grip that the old curse. It’s human being aren’t perfect, however they’ve made it through some dark times, and that’s more than most deserve to say. Zevunzolia: Who the hell knows. A miraculous city waiting to be built? A utopian dimension nearby our own? "The Seventh sunlight Itself," ns think ns heard one of those fools contact it. Every I recognize is, but prime and pristine it is in promise, the pricetag keeps going conveniently unmentioned... Facts and Figures Alekest san Geraint, the Margrave of Tescano, the Porcelain knight (he/him): If you a lengthy time reader of this publication, Alekest requirements no introduction. You know him from his past adventures, like the slaying of the UnSevered Beast or his solitary stand at Cedartree Station. Maybe you forget several of the details, his angst-filled childhood, the fraught year after his mummy death, his uncanny dreams. Well, items Pickman seems not to it is in a reader, if her man at the Margrave’s come is any type of indication. Felix Hollowfield (he/him): Once, Hollowfield was the genius behind the Glim Macula's technical supremacy in Sapodilla. A single push, though, and also he's little an ext than a memory. Aterika’Kaal (it/its): an ambivalent and ancient spirit. Uses the sweet smell and also sublime beauty, beauty of roses and also the sturdy structure of a source structure. In exchange: feeding it. Alaway (varies): Last seen as the waxy, vampiric minister that Yellowfield, Regan, whose generations-long study of technology led him to dream that (and job-related towards creating) "The City the Lights," a ar of flameless fire, energetic implements, and the safety and also freedom come live together one wants. Disposed of, for now at least. However the dream yet lives. The Ojan: To speak to it "The Ojan River" is not just to misspeak however to advertise your distance from knowledge. Ojan itself means "running water," and in Ojantani that is words you attach to other words to note them as rivers--each just an pass out echo of this example of waterways.  The Jade Moon: A luxurious vessel, the Jade Moon glides up and down the Ojan. You need to work to uncover its exterior wooden hull, so extended is it in silken, green banners and also curtains. Dining, Dancing, Gambling, Live Music, plush living. One engine that churns below. 250 feet long, 50 feet wide. The a beast, yet in the width of the Ojan--in some locations over 2 mile wide--it pales. Teak: First girlfriend of the Jade Moon. The Course: There is debate about the true nature of the Heartland

This illustration carries content warnings because that disorientation, hallucinations/distortions that reality, death, humanoid corpses, knives, stabbing, blood, and the point out of pet death/slaughterhouses.  Hazard, Lye Lychen, and also the cleaver Chine come to Marrowcreek together, however now they find themselves separated and spread to the extremities of the mysterious town. To the north, the map dealer and also erstwhile caravaneer find herself challenge to confront with their quarry in the many unlikely that places. Come the south, the junk mage confronts concerns he’d thus far denied he was interested in. And also to the east, the hunter watch a enjoy of themself and also is pulled ever before closer towards it. This mainly on Sangfielle: Marrow in the Bone The Almanac the the Heartland Rider locations Marrowcreek: rather a methods west of Blackwick, the maps say over there is a town dubbed Marrowcreek. Never ever been myself, but I’ve heard around it (often in the kind of hypotheticals people pose come you come “make conversations” in ~ parties.) Unschola Republica, formerly the third Canton (oon-skoh-la): for a millenia, the alchemists, mage-practitioners, and also cryptotheological scholars of the third Canton complained in mystery about the leash preserved on them by Aldomina’s remote leaders. They’ve because slipped the leash, and also whether that’s for much better or worse, time will certainly tell. Blackwick County: from the mines come the lake, the hills come the flats, the city once called Eastern Folly has felt a little more expansive now that it’s out of the tough grip that the old curse. It’s world aren’t perfect, yet they’ve made it through some dark times, and also that’s much more than most have the right to say. Zevunzolia: who the hell knows. A miraculous city wait to it is in built? A utopian dimension nearby our own? "The Seventh sunlight Itself," ns think ns heard among those fools call it. Every I recognize is, yet prime and pristine that is in promise, the pricetag keeps walk conveniently unmentioned... Facts and Figures physician Yersa Mallow (she/her): according to at the very least some of the locals, Marrowreek is named for Mallow, that led a team of the ill below to execute the sort of medicine that even the Unschola Republica forbids. Personally, I simply don’t think it adds up. Katonya (she/her): A cleaver close to the end of she career, Katonya’s body bears all the marks of years in company to the Heartland.

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Faithful to those who employ her, and a go catastrophe to those she opposes. Reuben (he/him): A kind and also hard-working fisherman who’s resided in Marrowcreek because that a when now, per his very own telling.  Uno Riscano (he/him):