WTF Search Terms are those weird words that you typed into a search engine to get here. Many of the moment, civilization were searching for sex. From penis pumps to the genitalia of the lead singer of Queen, here are the latest and biggest WTFs!

swedish penis pump for sailaustin powers enbig your penis

When I composed Record Store Tales Part 266, around a novelty “penis pump” that I was given by co-workers, I never before intended the hits to store rolling in. And…”sail”?

vhs porn speak to for bang

None here, however in Record Store Tales Part 69 (obviously), a porn tape did display up at the save.

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how substantial was freddie mercurys cock

This is a question you’re going to have to store on googling bereason I perform not recognize or care.

is joshua kiszka bi

Greta Van Fleet’s singer? Don’t understand, irpertinent question.


I know it’s dirty bereason xxx is in there.


Possibly linking approximately a testimonial for Trailer Park Boys Season 8.

calf suck dick

No idea.

mary wisemale ass

Multiple searches below. Mary Wisemale plays the character of Sylby means of Tilly on Star Trek: Discovery. And sadly this is not the initially time Mary’s derriere has actually made this list.

english lebrain sex story

My best guess is that some people think “lesbian” is spelled “lebrain”. Otherwise I’m curious. I’d favor to check out this story myself!


This is now the second time this one has made the list. How. The fuck. Does THAT lead HERE??

See ya following time for even more WTFs.

WTF SEARCH TERMS XL: Lars Ulwell-off Trout (Thunder Bay) edition

It’s that time again…the 40th time in fact! It’s those “WTF” search terms that somejust how carried people to this site. Let’s skip the chatter and gain to the weird.

lars ulaffluent trout warrant thunder bay ontario

I had actually to ask Thunder Bay’s hardest rocker, Deke Dekerchild, if he could possible explain this one. He had no concept. Warrant did open up for Metallica in 1990, and also our very own Uncle Meat has created about it. There were no days in Thunder Bay, and I don’t want to recognize what Lars was doing via a trout.

gene simmons vault is stupid

Well, I don’t recognize about that! He’s having actually no problem offering it. The just point “stupid” around Vault is that tright here is no pricing affordable to consistent human being.

This is a good question!

ten game0f galishow

Nooo idea.

styx equinox bakelit lemez

You shed me.

provide me any kind of diolock

I’m not giving you squat! I think this man was looking for Lock up the Wolves by Dio? He might additionally have actually been looking for “dicklock“.

coverdale page 4cd tour edition box set

Definitely in the “wishful thinking” category. Tbelow wasn’t really such thing as “tour editions” ago in 1993, and sadly all you can get to this day is the traditional single CD of Coverdale-Page.

the swedish penis enlargement pump and me (this certainly is my thing, baby)” by austin d. powers

I admire the amount of effort this perchild visited, to be as specific as possible.

I tuned out after analysis “Liam Payne”. The fuck does he have to do via Def Leppard? I don’t treatment sufficient to look.

just how to work-related in a document store

You involved the ideal area, friend! The one and just and also original Record Store Tales have the right to be uncovered ideal here!

Everybody seems to have their favourite kind of content. My buddy Thussy comes right here mostly for the WTFs! Every when in a while, I’ll send him a list of all the weird and also wacky search terms that have (somehow) lead world to As he did in WTF Search Terms XV, he’s picked his favourites. Please welcome ago Thussy for this Guest Swarm edition of WTF Search Terms.

WTF Search Terms XXIV: Fan Favourites – First Grade Math edition

It’s been a year because my last installment of WTF search terms so here it is: My list of fucked up shit civilization want to watch on the internet and then someexactly how make it to Lebrains blog. And as soon as I say shit it periodically literally suggests shit.

10. share this click to email this to a friendI had actually to incorporate this one bereason how the hell does this get you to a blog about music?

9. i don’t existThen don’t google yourself.

8. wild partyI am a wild party.

7. shower poop guyWhy do human being save browsing this?

6. swedish made penisThis type of point aint my bag baby.5. initially grade mathIs this the answer to the question, “what did Lebrain fail in school?”

4. orangie took favor 6 shooters and some bong tokesExcellent seachild, the Boys still have it.

3. porn mcgangbangIt is definitely food porn.

2. JapanpornIf this is anything like Japanese imports they are way also expensive.

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1. selling piss julian“Meth?!?! He’s marketing piss, you fucking dumb dumb.”

RECORD STORE TALES Part 266: This kind of thing ain’t my bag, baby!

The weirdest gift I ever got at the Record Store was an Austin Powers “Swedish-made” Dick Enlarger Pump. This was a “gag” gift from a group of co-employees. I recontact not understanding just how to react! Awkward! It’s true that every one of us were obsessed with Austin Powers at the moment. Talking like him, reciting lines, all that stuff. But a penis enlarging pump? Sorry, that sort of thing really ain’t my bag, baby! At the same time, I had gone to Chapters and bought publications for everybody. Normal publications. Not…books around penises or penis pumps or anything. The very same co-workers packed it up through “gummy boobs”, some silver zebra boxer shorts (as well tight, sadly), and plastic handcuffs.

I’m one of those socially awkward males to start through, so you throw a penis enlarging pump in a box with handcuffs and gummy boobs, wrap it up in Christmas paper and also what you acquire is a blushing LeBrain!

Although I offered the penis pump at a garage sale, I did display it in my bedroom, briefly. Here’s the photo to prove it!