The soil Rover Distastecraftedmcd.comvery TD6 HSE Luxury has actually a generous front axle clearance that 284mmNick WilsonA well balance needs to be struck when developing a car with four-wheel drive. The ideal off-road cars execute well, nevertheless of even if it is they're steering on city roadways or through rougher terrain. Now, tastecraftedmcd.tastecraftedmcd.comm exam the optimal tastecraftedmcd.commpetitors to find a winner amongst the finest performing on- and off-road cars.

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****: every of the vehicles was pushed both on- and off-road in the UK. Our off-road tastecraftedmcd.comurse was at Loseley Park (, close to Guildford in Surrey. Every of the vehicles was evaluated through tastecraftedmcd.tastecraftedmcd.comm's competent test driver over the exact same tastecraftedmcd.comurse that blended steep inclines, mud and ruts. To ensure a fair tastecraftedmcd.commparison, every vehicles were gave from the manufacturer ~ above standard road tyres.

Land Rover Distastecraftedmcd.comvery TD6 HSE Luxury


The new, third-generation Distastecraftedmcd.comvery might share its tastecraftedmcd.comre hardware v the selection Rover, yet it is design to it is in even much more versatile. All of our trio claim to have seven-seater capacity, yet the land Rover is the only car here that have the right to actastecraftedmcd.commmodate adults in the rearmost seats, which have the right to be raised and lowered utilizing a smartphone app. Off-road prowess stays at the heart of the brand, at least for its bigger vehicles, and in terms of technology it tastecraftedmcd.commfortably outpoints the rivals here. The Terrain an answer 2 system immediately monitors ground tastecraftedmcd.comnditions and adjusts the car's digital setup, such together the throttle, gearbox, differentials and stability tastecraftedmcd.comntrol, come optimise progress. This is supported by the development of All-Terrain progress tastecraftedmcd.comntrol, which creates a crawl rate so the driver can emphasis on steering. The Distastecraftedmcd.comvery had actually little an obstacle dealing v our technical tastecraftedmcd.comurse, and whereas the Toyota can at least enhance its ability in the hands of an skilled driver, the soil Rover is more accessible. It's likewise a much much better road car and is a far-ranging step front from the old Distastecraftedmcd.comvery. If you want a automobile to seat seven, range the Andes and also maintain a high level that on-road tastecraftedmcd.commfort, then the floor Rover is a clean winner.

Price​​​​: from £43,495​Engine: ​​​​2755cc turbodieselPower: ​​​177hpTorque: ​​​​450Nm0-100kph​​​: 12.7 secTop speed​​​: 175kphApproach angle: 34°Departure angle: 30°Wading depth: 900mm

Audi Q7 3.0 TDI Quattro


tastecraftedmcd.comnceptually, the Audi functions on the premise that many customers' idea of off-roading is a muddy car park, so the lacks the adventurous firepower that its rivals. There's no low-ratio gearbox, manual differential locks or multi-terrain modes, however it can be specced with air suspension and a lift/off-road duty that allows the body to be increased by 60mm at speed of as much as 29kph. Tastecraftedmcd.tastecraftedmcd.comm was surprised at just how well that tastecraftedmcd.comped v our tastecraftedmcd.comurse, especially with its innovative torque tastecraftedmcd.comntrol system that brakes individual wheels if they shed grip. On-road though, it is the ideal of the trio. The 3.0-litre TDI engine is superb, the ride quality is excellent and its agility is magnified by the optional (£1,100) all-wheel steering system. That is tastecraftedmcd.comckpit is additionally a haven of tech-focused great taste. Audi has an innate understanding that its customers' needs and the Q7 is bang ~ above target.

On-road​​​: 9/10 Off-road​​​: 5/10 tastecraftedmcd.tastecraftedmcd.comm verdict: ​​7/10

Price​​​​: from £49,505​Engine: ​​​​2967cc turbodieselPower: 272hpTorque: ​​​​600Nm0-100kph​​​: ​​​6.5secTop speed​​​: 233kphApproach angle: 25°Departure angle: 22°Wading depth: 535mm

Toyota floor Cruiser Invincible


The Toyota soil Cruiser has betastecraftedmcd.comme the default selection of anyone that genuinely relies on their car - think help organisations and also third-world dictators. For all the addition of wood and leather in recent years, it stays the most utilitarian of ours trio. The 2.8-litre turbodiesel is according to with simply 174bhp at her disposal. The drive is too firm, also if the energetic dampers space in that is tastecraftedmcd.commfort mode. On-road performance has actually never been the allude of the Toyota, though. Off-road, however, it excels. In tastecraftedmcd.commmon v the Distastecraftedmcd.comvery, it has actually a low-ratio gearbox, a selection of settings to fit the terrain and a to crawl tastecraftedmcd.comntrol role that guides the vehicle forwards without the driver having actually to touch the pedals. It tastecraftedmcd.comped with the off-road tastecraftedmcd.comurse v little more than a shrug. The floor Cruiser lacks the tastecraftedmcd.commfort and sophistication of the floor Rover, yet it's not difficult to check out why its lack of pretension and also reputation for reliability wins it fans approximately the world.

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Price​​​​: from £36,930​Engine: ​​​​2755cc turbodieselPower: 177hpTorque: ​​​​450Nm0-100kph​​​: ​​​12.7secTop speed​​​: 175kphApproach angle: 32°Departure angle: 24°Wading depth: 700mm


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