Attack on Titan season 4, episode 19 is following up. Licensed has been granted "Two Brothers" the episode, which should feature Eren and also Zeke precise inching closer to their master-plan, is bound to be among the most-talked about in current memory if previous weeks space anything to go by.

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As such, you"ll need to know when it"s available to clock so you can avoid spoilers. You"re in luck. Below, we"ve got the strike on Titan season 4, episode 19 release date (also officially called "Attack on Titan episode 78" on some platforms), and also what time it airs in the US and UK ~ above Crunchyroll, Funimation, and even Hulu.

Attack ~ above Titan season 4, episode 19 release date

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The Attack ~ above Titan season 4, illustration 19 release day is January 23. The time is staying the same: 12:45 afternoon PST/3:45 afternoon EST. That’s 8:45 pm GMT in the UK. You can watch the latest episode(s) top top Funimation, Hulu, and also Crunchyroll if you"re a subscriber. For now, only the subbed versions space available. An English dub need to arrive at a later date.

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The very first half of attack on Titan season 4 had actually 16 episodes, yet the end is near. A recent report (H/T, has actually the second half clocking in in ~ 12 episodes. Two have already aired, which method 10 can be left – despite that’s not evidenced as the writing.

If that’s the case, expect assault on Titan to end (for great this time) in April. We’ll save you updated if there are any type of changes or breaks, yet the present outlook is something prefer this:

Attack ~ above Titan illustration 76 (season 4, illustration 17): January 9 – accessible nowAttack ~ above Titan episode 77 (season 4, illustration 18): January 16 – accessible nowAttack top top Titan illustration 78 (season 4, illustration 19): January 23

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