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Attack ~ above Titan (Japanese: 進撃の巨人 Hepburn: Shingeki no Kyojin, lit. “Attacking/Charging Giant”) is a Japanese manga series both written and also illustrated by Hajime Isayama. It is set in a fantasy civilization where mankind lives within areas surrounded by three huge walls that protect them from huge man-eating humanoids described as Titans.


The illustration starts with the Trost District, A soldier in the Garrison arrived there to warning Commander period Pyxis and also Captain Hannes that wall Rose is breached by the Titans. The night in Stohess District, reconnaissance Regiment room preparing to south west because that the assists managing the Titans. Armin join Eren and also Mikasa in the carriage cart and also he is wondering that how Titans breached the Walls and have Titans through in them. Eren reminding around the loss of Shiganshina City yet Armin points the the door was breached no the wall. The structure of the walls and Annie Leonhart’s capability to turn right into the Titan and Armin also wondering the the walls room made with really much that hardening powers and strong structure.

Section command Hange is studying about the Mobilt in the microscope and she acquired the news around the departure. Hange is proceeding studying the project and also thinking deeply. Suddenly she witnessed Captain Levi is calling she to sign up with the remainder of the Scouts. Hange is shocked to view Captain Levi and also grabs a small crystal indigenous the table. Hange, Levi and Pastor Nick join the carriage of Eren i beg your pardon is exterior the Stohess ar Gate. Armin is wondering that why a monk is through them and also going v the Scouts on the stimulate of the walls. Hange is insisting around her makeup and looking their team as strange enough.

Earlier on the day, Sasha pipeline commanding officer to bring the news the the intrusion from her village. She is walk alone to she hometown and also her commanding officer is walking to any type of other town to check out if any kind of villager is over there or not. Sasha recalls her memories going come the village when she was a boy with her father. She was trying to eat the winter ration from she house.

Her father is preventing her come ate the winter ration now. In the last she ate the ration and her father asked if she ever before think the why every villager’s life is transforming so much. Sasha responded that the is because of the affect of the world near wall surface Maria who room taking their game from ours villages. She father called her the they had no choice because in the critical they will lose their home to the titans. Sasha is blaming the refugee because that the ns of livelihood however on the other hand her father agrees the cutting the forests and planting grain in areas will fed an ext people 보다 the pets which we have actually done from generations.

Her father told the they must leave the old generation work of hunting and also taking steed for breeding. Transforming many that the principles will make according come the time however Sasha is opposing she father’s decision. Sasha’s father knows the she is stubborn yet warns her the she have the right to be in danger close to future due to her selfishness.

In the wall surface Rose, Sasha observed a footprints of the titan which room towards her town. She thinks that the Titans came deep 보다 her expectations. After a if she concerned a village she can not recognize and also she saw in a home that some of the titans space eating a lady’s leg. The lady is really old and also acting choose a helpless woman and also her daughter is close to her in shock. Sasha attacks the axe on the Titan’s neck and the little girl came in the direction of the old lady. The axe is slipped from Sasha’s hand and also it to be unable to kill the nape of the titan. Sasha takes the little girl through her together the old lady is feather dead and she apologizing come the old lady due to the fact that she is a the titan’s mercy.

Sasha take it the girl to she horse and also she wants to talk through the little girl and also take part information. The equine afraid and also runs off from the place. Sasha to be anger on her horse and she is now whistling to call the equine back. The titan came outside the house and Sasha took the tiny girl and also a bow v some arrows. Sasha is running in the direction of the key road taking the girl in she arms. While running the small girl said that the whole village knows around her mom legs is not working but no one pertained to save her once the Titan was there. They were jumping over the drawbridge and also Sasha recalls the work of the training indigenous 104th Cadet Corps.

During the training some years earlier Sasha was approached through Christa and Ymir, who told Sasha that she is an extremely polite in an abnormal means with her other cadets. Ymir guessed the Sasha is ashamed since she belong to a village which is poor and the villagers nothing know exactly how to talk through the other people. Christa stop Ymir and tries to protect Sasha through saying the she have the right to be everything she wants to be. Ymir continues to criticizing Sasha and also her village. Ymir asks Sasha the she should tell the reality what rather think about him in the cadets. Christa shouts ~ above Ymir and she told that there is nothing not correct in Sasha’s behavior.

Christa said Ymir that not all civilization are insensitive as her. They room running far from the Titan and Sasha is wondering the why she is recalling these points at this sort of situation. She said the girl to run in the direction until she finds any kind the help. The girl is running and now Sasha loads an arrow on the titan. Sasha take some time by to run to a rock and also consider that she will certainly make the titan blind. She shots the arrowhead on the one eye of the titans and also hits the bullseye. She loads one more arrow but the shooting misses and also now Sasha have only two arrows. She loads and also fires an additional arrow and hits the titan’s other eye. Sasha has only one arrow left and she is running towards the titan.

She is acquisition the arrow and also charging to the titan to strike on titan’s eye. The titan tries come grab Sasha but she freely herself from the titan’s grip. She is running now through the road to find that little girl and also saw several of the civilians through horses. She spots the girl is with Sasha’s father.

Sasha currently joins her father and also their group and her father describes that they are delivering the steeds to all the refugees i beg your pardon will assist them to evacuate from the villages to wall surface Rose. That told the he heard around Sasha fighting v the Titan to conserve that little girl. Sasha smiles and realize that she is finally with her father.

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In wall surface Rose, Conny is going ahead and Reiner telling him come be cautious to the titans. Conny got to his village and phone call if anybody is near and needs help. He uncovered that the dwellings are destroyed and no human body is there. The goes with his own house and also he is hoping that his family and siblings are safe. By reaching his residence he witnessed that a titan is laying ~ above the peak of his house. By going closely and also looking the Titan they found that the titan is limb and also he can’t damage anyone. The Scouts space thinking that exactly how this little limbed titan is top top Conny’s house.