Pull out your calculator and your chemistry text book, bereason this zombie Easter Egg in CoD: Infinite War is ludicrous.

Zombies In Spaceland also, which is probably the ideal Call Of Duty zombie mode yet, just gained a totality brand-new map and cast of characters via the Absolution DLC.

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It"s now available for PS4, though sadly the Xbox One crowd will certainly have to wait a little for Absolution. But if you follow our guide, you"ll be ahead of the curve and ready to rock when it arrives!

So what"s the brand-new retro zombie layout this time around? Its a babsence and also white "50s creature feature through none various other than Elvira herself making an appearance, in enhancement to Seth Green as a cast member.

Much choose the base Zombies In Spaceland also for Infinite Warfare, there"s Easter eggs galore to be discovered if you put while and also initiative with Attack Of The Radioenergetic Thing! Let"s obtain started.

CoD: Attack Of The Radioenergetic Thing Easter Egg Guide

Tright here are rather a couple of procedures to make it all the means with this facility Easter Egg, and it deserve to take more than an hour. The end goal below is to build a zombie part by part, arm a nuke, and inevitably unlock a boss to blow up.

First you have to switch from black-and-white mode to full shade. Leave the spawn location and open up the door at the power terminal to activate glorious shade mode.

Head back to the building via the red bricks alengthy the bottom and also the tri-color pennants hanging from the peak. On the earlier side look close to the door to discover the seismic wave generator blueprint.

Seismic Wave Generator Blueprint

Head inside the door and area the blueprint on the table, then go ideal ago to where you were exterior and grab the first piece simply a few feet over from wbelow the blueprints were located at the edge of the structure.

Add the first part to the build table, then run to the various other side of the structure and also go in the direction of the swing collection. The second component is throughout from the swings on the ground next to the Port-A-Potty.

Drop that component off, then go in the direction of the front of the building to grab the third and also last piece sitting on the red bench. Drop it off and grab the finiburned product.

After completing the develop, head over to the beach (you"ll have to spend $1,250 to unlock the hardwood pallet door blocking access) and look for a zombie arm sticking up out of the sand. Grab the switch in the hand also.

Grabbing the Power Switch

Place the seismic wave generator you built earlier onto the ground wbelow the power switch was found. After waiting a bit, the gadget will certainly ultimately dig deep into the arm, which is the first zombie part you require.

Place the power switch on the power box outside the plant, then head inside the movie studio structure and talk to Elvira.

Hoof it all the method back to the building wright here you constructed the seismic device and you"ll view the wall oppowebsite the construct table currently has actually an open safe.

Well, hello there!

Grab the book inside the safe and return to Elvira to gain the test tube component.We"ve obtained to fill the tube by melee killing zombies with a certain weapon.

Go up the ramp by the power terminal and also unlock the door tbelow. Head via the structure (this is the earlier side of the Beachside Market) and look for a shark lying on the counter behind the cash register. What"s he doing there? Who cares -- justgrab the knife sticking out of the shark"s side.

For the majority of opponents at this allude in the game, its a one-hit kill weapon. Get melee kills till the vial fills up and then take it earlier to Elvira, who will acquire up and follow you.

A shark"s loss is your gain...

When she gets up, grab the mirror she drops on the couch, as you"ll require this to animate your zombie later. Now go external to the blue circle floating in the air by the cars so Elvira will certainly open the Pack-A-Punch.

There"s an essential component to remember below relying on where you are killing enemies: if you kill a green mist soldier zombie through the shark cleaver, he will drop a leg component you require, so pick it up! Keep track of wbelow the soldier zombies are situated, bereason the leg will continue to be wbelow it initially dropped and it will not regenerate if you save killing more of those adversaries.

After using the Pack-A-Punch, hit the orange button on the blue wall to readjust the portal location, then leave through the portal to grab the zombie head sitting on the counter next to the fan inside the RV.

Head back in the direction of Elvira"s movie studio. Look for a tree that have the right to be watched through the open gate. Before doing anypoint to the tree, look dvery own at the left side of the open gate on the ground to find a component you"ll need much later.

Now you must blow up the tree through an explosive grenade, which can be done by cooking the grenade so it"s practically prepared to go off and then chucking it up in the direction of the leaves.

Blow up this tree!

Run down beneath the tree and grab the leg that drops after the tree catches fire (if you don"t see fire, you didn"t carry out it appropriate and also need to try again). Note that this component have the right to actually be done anytime after you talk to Elvira and also acquire the vial.

If you didn"t kill any kind of of the soldier zombies yet, currently is the time to execute so to grab the second zombie leg.

Travel to the pool and grab the crowbar in the room located up the stairs from the Bombstoppers machine.Head over to the RV park area and also enter the bathroom building. Smash the one undamaged mirror on the wall and also grab the piece that falls into the sink.

Go exterior ago into the RV park area and also look for a huge steel fire pit. Inside the pit with the thick steel grating you can check out the second zombie arm component.

Grilled zombie arm!

Head over to the side of the gas terminal and look for a stack of boxes on a green hand cart. Grab the control box part sitting on top of the boxes, then go back to the exact same structure where you found the shark knife (the Market).

Install the manage box next to the freezer room door, then press the green freezer button on the various other side of the wall (opening the freezer costs $750). Quickly leave the room or you will shed all your health as the freezer turns on.

Wait for the cold air to soptimal blasting, then go ago in the freezer and also smash the pig carcasses through the crowbar, then grab the zombie torso hanging in the middle.

Zombie Torso

Head to the front of the Beachside Market building and also smash the mirror on the passenger side of the classic white car sitting outside, then grab the mirror off the ground.

Return to that initially structure wright here you developed the seismic device and also go inside the room where the wall safe was situated. Look on the desk and pick up the punch card that"s now sitting tright here.

Go ago with the white CDC tunnel right into the original generate location and place the zombie components on the gurney against the wall. Set a mirror piece on the table extended in cups to the left of the gurney, the second mirror on the green MRE box to the left, and the final piece on the earlier side of the room.

Bringing back the dead!

Turn on the laser by connecting through the old timey computer system device on the desk throughout from the gurney. This one"s a little tricky. What you should do is push Square (or X) when the light is under the exact same numbered dot as the number above.

So for instance if the number is 4, press the switch when the fourth dot is lit as the lights move from left to appropriate. Repeat this procedure until you hit eincredibly number that shows up on the screen. The particular number combo will be random, yet make sure you remember what your combo is because you"ll must understand it later.

When you acquire it appropriate, the laser transforms on and also re-animates the zombie. Now we"re going to return to the number input machine and also do the very same code... backwards.

Entering the laser code

After all that work-related to rerotate the zombie to life, currently the laser is going to blow him up. Pick up the key that drops wright here the zombie was strapped to the gurney.

Head over to Ramon"s and open up the red garage door making use of the zombie key. Inside you will certainly find a non-functioning nuclear bomb. Of course we"re going to collect pieces to make it occupational aobtain, bereason we"re nuts and the people is filled with zombies.

Remember that component you picked up by the fence prior to blowing up the tree? That was actually the first bomb part. Run over towards the middle of the map (by the crashed bus and also white truck), where there"s red vehicle that cramelted right into some rocks on the side of the road. The following part is underneath the automobile.

Finding the second bomb part

Now for the final component, go over in the direction of the beach and look for the timber bridge. Underneath the wood bridge in the joint close to the rock you have the right to uncover the third piece. Bring all three parts ago to the bomb and put it together.

We"re not done yet though, because there"s even even more random components to find! Rerevolve to the beach and go up in the direction of the picnic monitoring area through the benches. Grab the massive blue number inputter piece sitting on top of one of the benches.

Head to the earlier of the industry again and grab the next piece that looks prefer an alien bong sitting on the couch. While you are tbelow, look underneath the edge of a desk to discover a blue number combo you will require later on (this number can readjust in between playthroughs).

The last piece is on a bench in the RV park area and also looks prefer some glass gauges.

Totally not an alien water pipe. Nope, not at all. That"s a "valve."

Return to the garage through the nuke and area the pieces on the workbench. Now we"re going to go hit some valves through the crowbar based on the number combo you found under the desk previously.

You have the right to carry out the valves in any type of order so long as the number combo is correct, and they are located in the crowbar room by the pool, the power terminal shack, behind the gas station, and also on the side of the Snack Shack.

To input the code, smack the valve while its on the first number in the sequence. So if your number was 5187, at the first valve you"d hit with the crowbar as soon as the arrow is pointing at 5, then hit the second valve in the series as soon as it"s at the 1, and also so on.

Hitting the valve

After the code is gone into in all 4 valves, return to the back room of the Market and grab the paper in the opened safe on the floor. The paper has actually... yet an additional annoying code on it, woo-hoo! Memorize or compose down the code, because you are going to have to usage it at the very finish of this hunt as soon as the number isn"t easily accessible.

Next off, we"re running to an additional four places to discover a code. The numbers are uncovered by finding a code scribbled on specific surdeals with about the map. Don"t head to these areas yet though, simply make note of where they are.

Look at the door via the handicapped symbol ideal external the room via the bomb, underneath the major concrete bridge, on the green area of wall next to the fridge in the ago of the Market, and also on the fridge in the same RV that had actually the zombie head.


Head over to Elvira"s studio and look for the series of TV display screens covered in colored bars. Toggle the color of the game making use of the consingle there and change the game to a red tint.

Now go to all four places formerly listed and examine to see if any kind of of them have the "does not equal" sign (the equals authorize via a slash through it). Make note of that number, bereason you have the right to now discard it while trying to number out the code.

Go ago to the studio and switch to green, then go back to all 4 areas and look for the following "does not equal" number. Repeat the process with the blue tint and also make note of the "does not equal" number.

That will leave just one number that didn"t have the "does not equal" sign. Return the colors to normal at the studio and also go to the one place that wasn"t marked to discover the number code you require.

Next, go to the front office of the hotel and look for a number up in the corner on the wall.


Rerotate to the studio and go to the various other side of the wall of television screens and also look up. Inside the glass is a math equation, letting you know the answer is your 2 numbers multiplied together.

Yeah, math. Multiply the circle number you acquired by the number you discovered inside the motel and also make note of the complete. Now revolve approximately and also look at the TV collection alongside Elvira"s couch. A series of "greater than," "equates to to," and also "lesser than" numbers will certainly be shown via corresponding colors. Take note of which shade matches your multiplied number.

So for instance if your number was 85 and the "much less than 87" entry was blue, you know you should go collection the human being color to blue. You will most likely have actually a various number and also shade combo, however. Go change the shade tint aacquire to complement your color. Of course we"re going off on another annoying jaunt across the map, this time to discover 6 chalk boards.

Chalk Board

The chalk boards are located exterior the begin spawn location, outside Elvira"s studio, on the beach close to the water, inside the RV park, at the gas station, and also behind the Market. The numbers listed there are going to tell you how to make a chemical to use the nuke.

Before we deserve to make the chemical,we"re going to location some batteries at different areas -- you need to already have these batteries just from them dropping as you kill zombies.

If you do not have them already, complete some waves and also pick up the batteries as they fall. Set the batteries in the radios discovered at the motel office and power terminal.Listen to the broadcast to be told which chemical you need to make.

Inserting the battery in the motel radio

Here"s a full list of chemicals to make and how they are concocted. When you make your chemical, you need to input a code. Remember those chalk boards you looked at before? They tell you the code... kind of.

What you need to perform is add together the 2 top left numbers next to each of the base chemicals, and then add those numbers together.Finally, subtract out your O number (the one uncovered by altering the colors until you cleared out the 3 "does not equal" numbers) to get your final code.

For circumstances, if the radio told you to make Hresearch, which is made by combining glass cleaner and formaldehyde, you would certainly include up the height 2 left diamond numbers for glass cleaner and formaldehyde uncovered on the chalk boards, then add those two numbers together, and also finally subtract your O number to gain your code.

Take your base components and add them together at the chemistry collection in the nuke room, and then enter your code. Yes, this is all ludicrously over facility nonsense for a game about shooting zombies.

Placed your final chemical in the nuke to activate the teleporter that takes you to the finish of this Easter egg hunt (finally). After teleporting to the boss fight, press the nuke down to beach -- while dodging fireballs being flung by the radioactive monster.

Pushing the nuke

Wait for the radioenergetic monster to eat the nuke, then head over to laser cannons and usage them to strike the vulnerable spot on the monster"s chest until he stops attacking.

Run back to the nuke launcher and organize Square (or X) on the area wbelow the nuke used to be to activate the radiation that will start spanalysis. Run all the means back up the bridge to the point wbelow you first teleported and ffinish off the zombies till the monster starts firing off laser beams.

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When the lasers appear, go back to the beach (by jumping over or ducking under the laser traps) and activate the nuke launcher again to be teleported inside the monster"s stomach.

Now you"ve got to enter a code in the nuke. Which one? The one you gained from the item of paper in the safe after smacking the valves via the crowbar. If you didn"t write this dvery own, you"re out of luck, bereason there"s no way to accessibility it from this location. After each member of your team enters the code, it"s game over for the radioactive monster!

Entering the nuke code

This was the quickest and a lot of effective way we found to complete the Attack Of The Radioactive Thing Easter egg hunt we"ve uncovered so far, but of course you have the right to grab the components in different orders. Let us understand if you managed to complete it any other way!

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