Whenever the owners" lockout ends, the brand-new York Yankees figure to be amongst the most energetic MLB teams, with shortstop their single greatest need. Top cost-free agents havier Báez, Corey Seager, and Marcus Semien have currently signed, leaving Carlos Correa and also Trevor Story the ideal available. Profession candidates include Isiah Kiner-Falefa and also Paul DeJong.

One external the crate shortstop candidate the Yankees have considered: Oakland Athletics 3rd baseman Matt Chapman. During a recent appearance top top the Michael Kay display on 98.7 ESPN (audio link), ESPN"s Buster Olney mentioned the Yankees have internally disputed acquiring Chapman and also moving him come short. Here"s what Olney said:

"If i were to guess, ns think they"ll end up with among the Oakland guys. Matt Chapman, for example, maybe you acquire him to be the one-year shortstop. I recognize he"s a 3rd baseman, he"s exceptional, yet if you included Matt Chapman, you would be enhancing your defense on the left side of the infield. And I recognize the Yankees have talked a little bit around this internally. Look, have the right to Matt Chapman beat shortstop? ns think they wind increase with one of those guys. Perhaps it"s (Matt) Olson and also then castle hold ago and they pay Aaron Judge."

Judge is one year far from cost-free agency and a long-term deal for Correa or Story would reduced into brand-new York"s capability to maintain Judge, in theory. Chapman has actually two years of arbitration-eligibility remaining and also is projected to knife $10 million or therefore in 2022. Oswald Peraza and Anthony Volpe, the Yankees" height two shortstop prospects, must arrive by time Chapman becomes a totally free agent.

Chapman, 29 in April, is a Platinum gloves defender at 3rd base. He has played just 10 job innings at shortstop in ~ the MLB level, though he played the place in college and some in the minors, so it wouldn"t it is in an entirely new experience. Provided his defensive skills, I doubt Chapman would have tiny trouble at short. He could not it is in an upstream defender there, yet I gambling he"d play that well.

Offensively, Chapman has steadily declined due to the fact that hitting .278/.357/.508 and finishing saturday in the AL MVP vote in 2018, his very first full MLB season. He slipped under to .210/.314/.403 in 2021 and also his OPS+ has actually gone native 137 in 2018 to 127 in 2019 come 120 in 2020 to 100 in 2021. Chapman"s exit velocity and swing and also miss prices are trending in the not correct directions together well.

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Swinging strike price Average exit velocity Hard-hit price



93.1 mph




92.7 mph




93.6 mph




89.7 mph


MLB average


88.8 mph


Chapman"s defense at 3rd base is so superior that, even if he resolved in as a organization average hitter relocating forward, he would certainly still be a comfortable above-average player. The most pressing inquiries for the Yankees would be a) why is his bat going backward and how perform you reverse the trend, and b) just how good will his defense be at short if he move there?

Teams kick around an innovative ideas all the time -- what else space they claimed to do throughout the lockout? -- and also Chapman at quick qualifies as creative. It"s necessary to keep in mind Olney states the Yankees only debated this internally. They have actually not talked to the A"s around Chapman as far as us know. (Teams can talk about trades during the lockout, yet they can"t complete them if they involve the 40-man roster.)

The A"s were quiet before the lockout, despite they space expected to reduced payroll next season, do Chapman, chris Bassitt, Sean Manaea, Frankie Montas, and also Matt Olson noticeable trade candidates.

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Several contenders require a 3rd baseman and also could make a serious push for Chapman, including the Blue Jays and also Phillies.