Hey what's up before I started I have to say something very first this story and Paul's daughter lizzie story room kinda linked I suggest to read both so friend won't gain confused

I'm not a penquinshipping human being or a pearlshipping I'm a ikarishipping pan

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"Alright greninja use cut on pikachu and pikachu provided electro ball" Ash command them for training.  Greninja and pikachu electro ball clashed v greninja.

"Ash! Dinner is ready and don't do me and also the infant waiting because that hunger since you know I'm pregnant" Serena yelled at her husband.

Ash stand there stand frozen think that he hope he wont acquire yelled at again. "Man I far better go prior to she get's an ext angry" Ash thought. Ash solitary pikachu and greninja that's time to eat. They went inside the house and also smelt food. Greninja and also pikachu go the other pokemon eating their food together. "Ash now next time don't make me gain you twice when I referred to as you once" Serena looked at Ash with smugged face.

Ash placed his hand up for surrendering. "Okay okay I'm sorry ns won't do it again" Ash claimed with a sad face. "That's great and space you sure you want to go earlier to her training to be a pokemon Master" Serena claimed sadly as put his plate under in front of him. "Yes Serena I have too because I want placed child to have every little thing he or she wants what ever I have actually been too I want our kid to be happy" Ash explain to his wife.

Serena put her key down beside her and to sit throughout from her husband. "But will still make our son sad once you room gone because that years" Serena called Ash. "I know however I'll it is in there for the child for a couple of day's when the baby is born" Ash stated as he take it a bite that his food. "Okay I'll shot to store our kid happy when you room home" Serena lost versus trying to save her husband home.

Two main later

Ash walked the end of his residence to get his mail. He grabbed his mail and also still in his Pjs. That walked ago in his house to look through his mail. He get in the dining room he sat on the chair. That went v the mail and saw a couple of bills. He observed a invitation v his name on it he open up the card.

Dear Ash Ketchum,

You're invited to a party the did a pokemon league for every kinds league anywhere the world. The party starts this day. Oct 12 2018 on friday. You space aloud to bring pokemon and one human being with you. Ns wish you have a an excellent time at the party if friend go.

From the invitation people that make the event

"Wait that's tomorrow I should tell Serena" Ash thought. Ash gained up native his seat and also ran upstairs in their bedroom still view Serena sleeping in. Ash go on her bed next to shake she awake. "Hey wake up Serena it's time to acquire up and I have good news" Ash whispered in she ear come wake her up. Serena stirred in she bed. "This better be great news Ash" She said with her eyes closed. "Okay fine I'll tell you anyways I'm invite to a party around for people who went pokemon leagues from roughly the world" Ash said her. Serena open her eyes v excitement. "We should go since I haven't been to a party because that a long time" Serena spoke together she got up to acquire dressed in her continual clothes. "So do you know when the party is" Serena asked. "Um it's tomorrow and also the ar is at sinnoh region. Hey Dawn and also Paul resides there we could meet them in ~ the party" Ash said as he review the map again.

"Hmm morning luck I have actually a few dresses here and I bought you a suit simply in instance haha. Plus i don't recognize Dawn and Paul are but I'll like to accomplish them" Serena said as she looked with her dresses. Ash got up native his bed to get dress in his continual clothes.

Tomorrow morning

Serena woke up since of the sunrays shiny despite the window. She looked at she calendar and also it's say that today's is the party. "Today's is the party we need to acquire ready" She thought. Serena got out of she husbands arms wrapped roughly her there is no him waking up. She go to she closet and opens it takes the end her pink and also red dress.

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"Ha perfect" Serena speak softly. She entered her toilet to cave the dress up and she hop in the shower.