Taming animals in ARK: Survival advanced can be difficult, yet here room 8 tips concerning the taming of the dung beetle.

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Dung beetles deserve to be a an excellent creature to have actually for your initiatives to survive and also progress in ARK survival Evolved. With a domesticated dung beetle, you have the right to load its list up through feces which the will procedure and convert into both fertilizer and oil. Fertilizer is great for increasing chop efficiency and also oil can be crafted right into a number of different things.

It deserve to be a tiny tricky to tame a dung beetle, yet there are a variety of things you deserve to do to do the taming process safer and less time consuming if friend want among these little critters to churn out an important resources for you.

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The many basic method to tame a dung beetle is come sneak up on lock in the crouched position and start giving them feces. ~ a certain amount of feces and also time, the dung beetle will be considered tamed and you have the right to pick that up and take the to your base.

Sneaking is necessary as it can be an extremely easy come aggro the dung beetle into attacking you, i beg your pardon hinders the taming process. Lock not inherently dangerous, however it can be annoying to fight turn off a dung beetle when you’re wanting it lively for your use.

The very first tip you have the right to implement to assist in taming a dung beetle is choose the suitable location to tame it. It should go there is no saying the you shouldn’t effort to tame a dung beetle as soon as there space hostile dinosaurs around, for this reason clearing the area of any dangers will certainly prevent any unwanted surprises or the accidental death of the dung beetle.

the can also be helpful to take the beetle house to a designated pen to tame that in safety. There space a number of ways to relocate a dung beetle prior to taming it that the complying with entries will certainly go over, if you’d fairly not bother moving it home, you can constantly find a dung beetle in a cave and also have among your dinos security the entrance.

This has actually likely been or will certainly be patched, yet some players have actually reported gift able to punch the beetle come a preferred area such as their base or a safer component of a cave. It’s a simple matter of acquiring close and also punching the beetle in the direction you want it to walk or around any obstacles that it can get stuck on.

This is obviously no the ideal method of transport as the beetle can become hostile and, if the location is too far you can knock it the end or beat it come death, but in a pinch, it"s a decent means to relocate it a couple of feet for your convenience.

Grappling hooks are additionally a buggy and unreliable method of transporting a dung beetle to an ideal location. It appears to work far better with beetles that room in the water, favor those discovered in the North east Cave, yet it can still job-related for soil dwellers.

The idea is to simply drag the beetle back home v your grappling hook. The trick is to prevent coming into contact with the beetle if it’s being dragging or it will aggravate it. But, if you have the right to keep your distance and also be patient, you deserve to drag it home.

By far the easiest way to move a dung beetle to one more location there is no it being tamed an initial is to acquire an Argentavis or a Quetzal to pick it up and carry it because that you. This doesn’t aggravate the beetle and also saves the moment of having actually to beat or traction it home.

Supposedly the simplest dung beetles to acquire this means are discovered in the eastern Lava cave inside the pit in ~ the entrance. V either the Argentavis or Quetzal the player just needs descend right into the pit, take the beetle, and then fly off to a more secure area.

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that important throughout the taming process that the player no aggravate the beetle. When neutral to the player the beetle will stay stationary and also docile making it simple to tame. Yet if the player injuries or aggravates the beetle in any method it will end up being hostile and shot to attack.

It deserve to be tempting to lash the end at the dung beetle if taming isn’t going her way, however every time you perform you collection the procedure back by a few minutes and also make that that lot more complicated to tame this critters.

It’s possible to tame a dung beetle with raw, spoiled, or fish meat, but the dung beetle unsurprisingly prefers dung. So while you deserve to resort to meat in a pinch it’s much much faster and more efficient come tame it using feces. Big animal, tool animal, small animal, and even human being feces have the right to be provided for taming.

Considering feces has actually no use external of taming dung beetles or creating fertilizer, the a no brainer to mainly use feces for the taming process. If possible, try to use large animal feces as it appears to work-related better, though don’t be afraid to usage your character’s very own supply to rationalization the procedure a little.

The level of the dung beetle no seem to have actually an impact on the difficulty or time that takes come tame it, so don’t be fear to tame anything indigenous level 1 to 200. The being said, you will do it be much better served focusing on the more powerful leveled dung beetles together they have the right to hold more and larger feces.

This doesn’t typical they create fertilizer much faster or in greater quantities, just that your inventory is bigger and can host more, meaning you make fewer trips as soon as dropping off feces. It’s likewise important to note that once they are trained they require to be able to wander approximately to create fertilizer and also can’t carry out so if overburdened. So, while level doesn’t issue for taming, you’re far better served going after the high-level beetles.

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