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uflFor email security, every email communication to the instructor must go v the UF gatorlinkaccounts. You can also send an email through Canvas by going to the received mailbox in the upper righthandcorner the the display in Canvas. All other course connected inquiries need to be post on the“Course Questions” ar of the conversation Board in E-Learning because that the benefit of the wholeclass.3 Office Hours:The instructor will inspect the Canvas Mail and the Course conversation Board every weekday by10:00 am and also respond as necessary in a timely manner. 2ARC 1720 inspection of architectural History3 Announcements:Changes to quiz dates, assignments or any kind of important information will be inserted under the“Announcements” tab in Canvas. Please check this section of the website top top a regime basis forsuch information.4. Course STRUCTURE:Textbook (required): Fazio, Michael W., Marian Moffett, and Lawrence Wodehouse. Buildingsacross Time: An advent to world Architecture. 4th ed. Boston: McGraw-Hill HigherEducation, 2012. ISBN 9781259999543 or ISBN-13: 978-0073379296.Note: various other editions space acceptable because that those who room unable to attain the 4th edition. Availablefrom the UF bookstore or at Amazon (rent or purchase)The course is divided into 16 Modules which follow the chapter layout of the textbook. Over there areseveral concise lectures within every Module and corresponding readings every week. Here are thecourse materials:4 Readings (Required because that ALL)•From the textbook (Buildings throughout Time)4 video Lectures (Required for ALL)•Located under the “Home” tab ~ above the left next of the display screen in Canvas (link toMediasite)5. ASSIGNMENTS:TWO types OF SECTIONS:Writing requirement (WR) or so-called Gordon dominion Sections:4B264E01Non-Writing-Requirement Sections:4B444E16The university writing needs for Gordon ascendancy are applied to this course. Studentsregistered because that a Writing ar will be required to finish one documents (6,000 native min) tofulfill the state mandated composing assignment. The basic themes and also detailed demands ofpapers will certainly be provided. All the documents will be graded by the graduate assistants and the gradingprocess will be managed by the instructor. Students registered for a Non-Writing section willbe forced to end up two written exams (midterm and also final). In addition, both the writing andNon-Writing Sections need to finish the reading and lecture connected quizzes on a weekly basis.5 Quizzes (Required for ALL)•Questions from both the textbook readings and the video clip lectures•Average of 5 quizzes, dropping the shortest score•12 questions on each weekly Quiz: 6 native the textbook readings and also 6 from video clip lectures.• Quizzes room all many choices. The Quizzes space fast-paced and also timed, for this reason the challengetends to be more about finding or learning the information in a fashionable manner. 4ARC 1720 inspection of architectural History2. Gordon dominion – NIf the student does not satisfy the writing requirements of the section, the instructor might so indicateby picking the No (N) alternative in the Gordon dominion drop under menu. The student will certainly then receiveno credit towards the Gordon dominion requirements, although the student might still happen the class itself.The writing testimonial does no directly influence the food grade or the student’s great pointaverage. It will certainly only identify whether the student gets the course word credit in the direction of the total(24,000 words) required to complete the Gordon rule writing requirement. Additionally note that also withsatisfactory (Y) writing, the student will not acquire course word credit transaction if your course class is less thana C.Here is the college Gordon-Rule testimonial rubric:Satisfactory (Y)Unsatisfactory (N)ContentPapers exhibition at least someevidence of ideas that respond to thetopic through complexity, criticallyevaluating and also synthesizing sources,and administer at least an adequatediscussion with an easy understandingof sources.Papers either incorporate a central idea(s)that is uncertain or off- topic or provideonlyminimalorinadequatediscussion of ideas. Documents may alsolack enough or suitable sources.Organizationand coherenceDocuments and paragraphs exhibitat the very least some identifiable structurefor topics, including a clean thesisstatement but may call for readers towork come follow progression of ideas.Documents and also paragraphs lackclearly identifiable organization, maylack any type of coherent feeling of logic inassociating and organizing ideas, andmay additionally lack transitions andcoherence to guide the reader.Argument andsupportDocuments use persuasive andconfident presentation of ideas,strongly sustained with evidence.At the weak finish of the Satisfactoryrange, records may carry out onlygeneralized conversation of concepts ormay provide adequate discussionbut rely on weak support forarguments.Documentsmakeonlyweakgeneralizations, providing small or nosupport, together in recaps or narrativesthat fail to provide critical analysis. 5ARC 1720 inspection of architectural HistoryStyleDocuments use a writing style withword selection appropriate to thecontext, genre, and discipline.Sentencesshoulddisplaycomplexity and logical sentencestructure. In ~ a minimum, documentswill display a less an accurate use ofvocabulary and also an uneven usage ofsentence structure or a composing stylethat occasionally veers far fromword selection or tone ideal tothe context, genre, and also discipline.Documents rely on word intake that isinappropriate for the context, genre, ordiscipline. Sentences may be overlylong or short with awkwardconstruction. Records may also usewords incorrectly.MechanicsPapers will attribute correct orerrorfree presentation the ideas. Atthe weak end of the Satisfactoryrange, files may save somespelling,punctuation,orgrammatical errors that remainunobtrusive therefore they carry out not muddythe paper’s argument or points.Papers save on computer so many mechanical orgrammatical errors that they impedethe reader’s expertise or severelyundermine the writer’s credibility.7. Course CALENDAR (IMPORTANT)Note: every due dates listed below indicate once the item is DUE. Each item will be open and also availablefor at an early stage submission from work 1, enabling students to job-related at their own pace. You have the right to alwayssubmit early, yet you may not miss out on deadlines.What"s on each Quiz?Quiz 1: Chapters and Modules 1, 2, 3Quiz 2: Chapters and Modules 4, 5Quiz 3: Chapters and Modules 6, 7, 8Quiz 4: Chapters and also Modules 9, 10Quiz 5: Chapters and also Modules 11, 12, 13Quiz 5: Chapters and also Modules 14, 15, 16Week 1: July 2 - July 6INTRODUCTION: Looking in ~ the people as a DesignerVIEW MODULE 1: The starts of ArchitectureVIEW MODULE 2: The Greek WorldVIEW MODULE 3: The style of ancient India and Southeast AsiaREAD: thing 1, 2 and 3DUE: Quiz 1: take anytime before Friday July 6 at 11:55 pmWeek 2: July 9 - July 13VIEW MODULE 4: Traditional architecture of old China and also Japan 7ARC 1720 survey of architecture HistoryCheck and double check that your submission is satisfactory. This food is designed so thatstudents deserve to work at their own pace if lock wish, with most coursework open up and available foraccess and submission beginning from the an initial day the class. With that in mind, late occupational will notbe accepted, nevertheless of the excuse.Adjustments to due days will be made for those students who have actually serious technical difficultiesthat have actually been solved through the UF help Desk at 352-392-HELP (4357) and accompanied bya aid Desk Ticket Number. Allowances will be created medical concerns that space accompaniedby a doctor’s note that has the day of treatment.8 scholastic honesty:Academic dishonesty in any type will not be tolerated. Any type of student that submits a plagiarizedpaper will receive a failing grade because that the course. All students room expected to conduct themselvesin accordance with the highest possible standards of scholastic integrity. Cheating, plagiarism, bribery,misrepresentation, conspiracy, and also fabrication will certainly not it is in tolerated. These violations space definedin the scholastic Honesty accuse of the password of college student Conduct. Penalties can range fromreduced qualities on a certain assignment, increase to and also including failure in the course and/or judicialaction and sanctions in paragraph XIV the the Student password of Conduct. The Student password ofConduct can be accessed here: dso.ufl/sccr/honorcodes/conductcode.php.8 UF Policies:University policy on Accommodating Students with Disabilities: college student requestingaccommodation for disabilities must an initial register through the Dean of students Office(dso.ufl/drc/). The Dean of students Office will administer documentation come thestudent who have to then carry out this documentation come the instructor as soon as requestingaccommodation. You need to submit this documentation before submitting assignments or takingthe quizzes or exams. Accommodations room not retroactive, therefore, student should contact theoffice as quickly as possible in the term for which they are seeking accommodations.University plan on academic Misconduct: academic honesty and also integrity are fundamentalvalues that the college community.

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Students have to be sure that they know the UF StudentHonor password at dso.ufl/students.php.Netiquette: communication Courtesy: every members that the class are intended to follow rule ofcommon courtesy in all email messages, threaded discussions and also chats. Describe the universitypolicy at: teach.ufl/docs/NetiquetteGuideforOnlineCourses.pdf Canvas Help: Forissues v technical challenges for E-learning in Canvas, please contact the UF help Desk at:• Learning-support