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How come Apple claims my Apple id does not exist as soon as I shot to login v it? discover My iphone phone is enabled, for this reason I just can"t sign out. Please, I understand the password the the apple ID, yet why Apple states my email is no an to apologize ID?"

Ever tried to log the end of to apologize ID, download a brand-new iPhone applications or even accessibility the apologize Store, just to it is in redirected to the Apple i would login screen and also then Apple claims the ID email does not exist? then you are met through a never-ending loop of your maker and iforgot.apple.com site, both telling that your Apple ID no exist. This can be addressed easily. Let’s take a look at why the “Apple says my Apple id does not exist” error happens, and 4 approaches to deal with this issue.

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Part 1. The feasible Causes Behind Why Apple claims My Apple identifier Does not Exist

The feasible reasons for why Apple claims my Apple identifier does no exist might be these:A usual reason behind why her Apple ID email does no exist is if you use a secondary email instead of a primary one through the account. To apologize will occasionally only recognize an Apple i would if you log in v the major email linked with the account.If your account is compromised, you will obtain this error. This is since someone has accessed her account, signed in, and then changed your to apologize ID to something rather to ensure the you cannot get earlier in. This also applies come iPhone/iPad/iPod that is stolen and resold.If you have actually a jailbroken iDevice, girlfriend may obtain this error popping increase if you have actually installed or space using pirated applications.You or someone else changed your Apple i would email there is no signing out of all your devices.


Part 2. Apple says My Apple i would Does no Exist - resolve It Now!

If possible, girlfriend can try resetting the password, double checking the email, and also finding the correct Apple ID, but due to the fact that the Apple i would does not exist, the best means is come remove the apologize ID from your machine altogether without any type of password.

Option 1 eliminate Apple id Without any kind of Password - Recommended!

If you discover "Apple says my Apple i would does not exist", or the email resolve is no an apologize ID, think about removing the Apple i would from her iPhone/iPad/iPod. You have the right to do this through the unlocking software, tastecraftedmcd.com LockWiper. Through it, you deserve to remove the Apple id from any type of iPhone/iPad/iPod there is no a password and without any data loss, regardless if discover My iphone phone is allowed or not.


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Key functions of LockWiper - apple Unlock Tool

1. Solve the apologize ID email does not exist issue immediately.2. Remove/Unlock to apologize ID there is no needing a password. You can get full attributes of apple ID without resetting your password a million times.3. You can use the machine as intended, whether the be accessing Apple services or turning Find My iphone phone on or off.4. You can readjust your Apple identifier or create a new one through LockWiper.5. For iOS 10.2 -11.4, LockWiper have the right to remove Apple identifier while maintaining data top top the iDevice.6. Because that those who bought second-hand/used iDevice, LockWiper stop the device being tracked, blocked, or erased by a vault Apple ID.

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If you find Apple claims the to apologize ID email does not exist or no available, usage LockWiper and also follow the steps below.

Step 1. Download and also launch LockWiper. Pick “Unlock to apologize ID” and connect your maker to the computer using a cable and also unlock the screen. If the asks friend to trust the computer, fight “Trust”.


Step 2. LockWiper will relocate to a brand-new screen because that unlocking your Apple ID. There will be a “Start come Unlock” button. Insanity this.


Step 3. If you have actually the “Find my iPhone” function disabled, your iDevice will certainly be unlocked instantly with no other effort needed on your end.


If you have actually the “Find my iPhone” enabled, climate you will have to reset every one of your settings first. To do this, head come "Settings > basic > Reset every Settings". As soon as this is done, LockWiper will do the rest.


Once you have removed the Apple id from your device, girlfriend can choose to develop a brand-new Apple id or set it up through a different one the you have actually available. V tastecraftedmcd.com LockWiper, “Apple states my Apple id does not exist” or “Apple i would email not available” deserve to never stroked nerves you again.

Try the FreeTry that Free

Option 2 use the to apologize Website to recuperate Apple ID

The limitations connected with this technique include:

a) girlfriend must understand the recovery email you have connected with your Apple ID,b) you have to reset the password if you carry out not understand that either,c) this an approach doesn’t tell friend whether her Apple ID has been compromised nor walk it permit you to change the Apple i would completely. Essentially, this an approach is just for finding out what the Apple id is.

If girlfriend signed up through your Apple device a long time ago and cannot remember which email you provided for the account, you deserve to actually recover your Apple i would by heading come iforgot.apple.com. Monitor these measures to recuperate your apologize ID.

Step 1: Head to iforgot.apple.com and click on the “look the up” link underneath the Apple i would insertion box.


Step 2: top top the new page the it opens up up, add in your first name, critical name, and also the recovery email address the is associated with the Apple i would you room trying come recover.Step 3: If step 2 doesn’t work-related the first time, repeat the procedure until you have actually the correct email entered. Once you have a match, the website will tell friend what your Apple i would is. Native this allude forward, you have the right to reset the password if you cannot remember what the is.

Option 3 contact AppleCare Customer support for Help

The limitations with this an approach include:

a) needing to sit in a chat home window for any length the time come get access to your information,b) having to schedule a call, meaning your problem isn’t taken treatment of immediately,c) you might still run right into trouble if you can not remember the initial email connected with your Apple ID.If you readjust the email associated with her Apple ID, or had actually two emails top top the account, and are now obtaining the “Apple claims my Apple identifier does no exist” error, use Apple’s contact pages could help.

Setp 1: girlfriend can contact Apple assistance by heading come getsupport.apple.com and also select the an equipment in i m sorry you need support for. Friend can gain support because that Mac, iPad, iPhone, apple Watch, Apps, to apologize ID, waiting Pods, and more.Setp 2: choose the apologize ID alternative from the list.


Setp 3: Then pick the other Apple i would Topics and find “Get a Copy of your Apple id Data”.


Setp 4: Then choose to manage your Apple id or schedule a speak to with apologize Support. Pick the one that works best for you. Try to sway them that your Apple id is compromised and also they will help.

You may additionally contact Apple assistance on their official Apple assistance Twitter page.

Option 4 look at for your Apple id in the application Store or in the iCloud

The restrictions with this method include:

a) This an approach may not work because when you try to access the application Store or iCloud, the difficulty “Apple claims my Apple identifier does not exist” may likewise come up.

One way of finding your Apple id is to check out if you are signed in somewhere else on your device, one of two people in the application Store/iTunes or linked to iCloud.

Using iCloud to uncover Apple ID: head come your settings menu and also tap on your name. This is often found at the optimal of the page. If you are running iOS variation 10.2 or earlier, friend will should tap into your settings menu and then specifically select the iCloud alternative from the menu.


Using iTunes & app Store to discover Apple ID: head into your setups menu and also tap on the iTunes & application Stores option. Then you can see the apologize ID, i m sorry is most likely to be the Apple i would on her device. If you room running iOS variation 10.2 or earlier, friend will have to tap top top Settings, climate iTunes, and also then app Stores.


Part 3. What Scenarios create the “Apple says My Apple id Does not Exist” Error?

For many people, when the “Apple claims my Apple id does no exist” error mister up, it throws them right into an endless loop of make the efforts to enter the password because that the Apple identifier on file, just to get a blog post that their Apple ID doesn’t exist. Even with a recognized email and access to that email, if the Apple i would isn’t gift recognized, then you will create this error. Here are a couple of scenarios once this come up.

Every time I try to download an applications or update one, ns am required to go into in mine password for the Apple id on file. Once I walk to do this, a article pops up that tells me that the apologize ID the I gotten in does no exist.I can unlock my iPhone/iPad/iPod and also use it, however it will certainly constantly ask me come input my Apple ID. While I understand what email is linked with the account, the to apologize look up website says that the Apple identifier does no exist.I perform not know what mine Apple identifier password is, so once I go to reset the password for my to apologize ID, I end up v the “Apple states my Apple identifier does no exist” error.The email that to apologize is saying is connected with mine account is no one that ns am aware of having actually an apple ID tied too. Once I go to change the to apologize ID to a different email, it states that mine Apple i would does no exist.

If you room facing any of the over scenarios, it is wise to understand the reasons behind them and also thus the root reason of the issue. No matter whether your Apple identifier is no available, jeopardized or forgotten, that is recommended to use LockWiper to eliminate it there is no data lose on your device.

Warning: do Not shot These False techniques for solving the Apple i would Does no Exist Error

If you have actually come throughout the advice of just resetting your iDevice to manufacturing facility settings, you re welcome take heed and also DO NOT carry out this. Why? If you have actually “Find my iPhone” enabled on your maker and you choose to reset, you room going to be asked for the password to that certain Apple ID, i beg your pardon in this case, does no exist. If your very first inclination might be to head directly to one Apple Store, they cannot help with this issue.

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Wrapping that Up

If you room struggling through the “Apple says My Apple identifier Does not Exist” error, or you run into the worry “Apple id this email is not available”, you can go through actions outlined in this article. The cheat is to find out what apple ID her iDevice is referencing, what email is connected with it, and then either reset the password or remove the apple ID native the device altogether. The easiest and safest way is to remove the to apologize ID native your device using tastecraftedmcd.com LockWiper. Because tastecraftedmcd.com uses a cost-free trial, download it and also find out now.