I wake up up, yawning and stretching my arms. I acquired up and also put on my fluffy blue slippers and also walked to the bathroom. I brushed my hair and also teeth. I washed my face with water to wake myself up. The stench that blood doesn't leaving my nose. Why? I visited the computer, and got top top AJ. It's to be days since I tried to summon the lost Jammer through my buddies. Nothing negative happened ever since. I finally got out of the loading page, and I finished up in Aldan, Jamaa. But it to be empty. Why empty? It never ever was empty.. Yet then who popped up because that a second. Then vanished. His wolf was a completely black one, and also his eye looked.. Weird? I just stood there, curious and horrified. Ns looked in ~ my friend list. Mine buddies to be on. I followed them, however I uncovered their animals on the ground? Huh? I assumed in confusement. Hello? Guys? i sigh and gave up. Your dead somehow.. Ns stared in ~ my tag, that confirmed my username. Spiritwolfbeta. Things definitely changed when i met my animal. It's real side. And it's been there for me ever before since. I witnessed something black color in the corner of my eye top top the screen. Climate my screen turned black. \"KIMBER? space you tho there?\" ns yelled in ~ the screen. My pet told me her surname was Kimber. \"Yes ns am silly. Remember as soon as you summoned lost Jammer?\" She said. \"Yeah... \" \"Well he's here. Very sewing he well-known me prior to killing us.\" \"Wait, your FRIENDS?\" \"Yup.\" Why didn't you help my buddies once I was off and you were on a death spree? WHY?\" \"Well, me and also him got tired of her stupid friends. Their animals are annoying. So we eliminated them together.\" \"What.\" I stated quietly. \"You heard me. I'm sorry.\" My pet apologized, pleading for forgiveness. And also finally, I had actually a reason to think of walk suicide. Ns felt choose I had actually no life come live anymore. Ns ran to the kitchen, crying. My parental laid over there dead. They eliminated them too. Ns scream a bloodcurdling scream. \"WHY?!\" I fell on my knees, crying. I got hold of a knife and starting cutting myself. I deserve to not address this anymore. No. I began cutting butterflies on my arm and which represents my family and also friends. I started cutting a line v them. *cut* one dead. *cut* two dead. *cut* three dead. I maintained cutting til they all were dead. I attracted one last  butterfly on mine arm, the didn't have actually a line through it. Me. Ns took a deep breath, all set to reduced it and also stab myself. But someone ordered my arm. And I turned around, and also there stood a concerned lost jammer. 

I thought I need to make the creepypasta's a small nicer. Cause who knows? I can make a Creepypasta X reader story, then shed Jammer X leader story one more stories v readers X a AJ Creepypasta.

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Sorry am I just plain weird? Don't concern I'm not completely weird. Which way I'm not gonna do lemons in them.