Season 8 of American Ninja Warrior is collection to take it place later this year, however fans the the display were treated to a special event in ras Vegas top top Sunday v USA vs. The human being II.

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The an initial installment of the matchup, which consists of teams from the unified States, Europe and also Japan, was taken by the europeans in 2014. Top top Sunday, it was the Americans who declared victory in dramatic fashion.

Competitors had actually to go through three stages with 3 heats each, earning a allude for each warm win in the very first stage, two in the second and 3 in the third.

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Each athlete had actually to shot and complete courses that consisted of running, jumping and also swinging obstacles v names choose the Jumping Spider, Floating Boards, Psycho Chainsaw, Cliffhanger and also more.

It came under to the ninth and also final heat as Isaac Caldiero, a former bus boy and the first competitor to success American Ninja Warrior, ended up being the 4th American to complete Stage 3, finishing in 4:28.84. The three points turned an 8-7 USA deficit into a 10-8 success over Europe. Team Japan failed to score a point. 

Ninja Warrior

Red, white & blue for the win! Team USA confirmed us the meaning of strength and also teamwork tonight #AmericanNinjaWarrior


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In a operation directly before Caldiero, Europe\"s Sean McColl completed stage 3 in 5:42.25, definition Caldiero had actually to not only complete the stage, however do so much faster than McColl. That is specifically what the did, and he couldn\"t it is in happier once talking through sideline reporter Kristine Leahy.

\"I can\"t imagine that being any kind of better,\" he said. \"This is prefer the ideal thing I might ever imagine, and also I\"m happy to it is in sharing v the remainder of my teammates and also to be accompanied by such strong competitors from other parts of the world.\" common some clips of winning-run:

USA vs. The civilization II Results
Stage 1WinnerTeamHeat clues (Total Points)
Heat 1Isaac CaldieroUSA1 (1)
Heat 2Tim ChampionEurope1 (1)
Heat 3Drew DrechselUSA1 (2)
Stage 2WinnerTeamHeat clues (Total Points)
Heat 1Stefano GhisolfiEurope2 (3)
Heat 2Drew DrechselUSA2 (4)
Heat 3Sean McCollEurope2 (5)
Stage 3WinnerTeamHeat points (Total Points)
Heat 1Ian DoryUSA3 (7)
Heat 2Stefano GhisolfiEurope3 (8)
Heat 3Isaac CaldieroUSA3 (10)
Final StandingsTeamPoints
NBC Broadcast

It was an inauspicious begin for all three teams as no competitor made it past the fourth obstacle, the paris Spider. Caldiero did, however, bring his team the win for the more quickly time.

Europe\"s Tim Champion, a gymnast, practically was the very first athlete to finish a heat, falling on the ropes just prior to the end. The still earn his team a suggest in the first stage. As fate would have it for Europe, Tim Shieff was the first to complete the stage 1 course, however it walk not obtain the point after USA\"s attracted Drechsel perfect the course in 1:18.61, almost seven seconds faster than Shieff, providing the U.S. A 2-1-0 lead.

Drechsel continued his dominance in the 2nd stage when he perfect the food in a time that 1:34. According to Leahy, no ninja throughout regular competition had ever damaged two minute on the course.

Yet, the was only the beginning for what would certainly be one amazing second stage.

As impressive as Drechsel was, that would ultimately be outshined through his teammate. After Geoff Britten to be knocked out of competition prior to the second heat with a 103-degree fever, alternating Joe Moravsky stepped in during the third stage.

All the did was beat Drechsel\"s mark by 11 secs (1:23.69), look at earning the U.S. Two an ext points and also a 6-3-0 lead. The Connecticut meteorologist claimed he had no idea where that performance came from and also thought Drechsel had actually \"crushed\" his time once interviewed through Leahy. 

Here\"s a look in ~ Moravsky\"s run much less than one hour after ~ he was pulled the end of the crowd, per Time Warner Cable:


Tonight: it's the U.S. Vs. The human being on 'American Ninja Warrior'! song in at 8/7c ~ above

However, the command never concerned fruition as McColl wowed the group by besting Moravsky by 4 seconds at 1:19.86. McColl to be happy come win, but he confirmed respect for his American competitor when talking with Leahy.

\"Joe\"s been a ninja because that so much longer than me,\" McColl said. \"I have actually the most respect for everyone on this platform. He had such an amazing time, which gave me really the vain spirit.\"

American Ninja Warrior host Matt Iseman identified the drama of the vain on Twitter:

Matt Iseman

If you’re no watching Team USA vs the civilization American
ninjawarrior, then you’re no doing your patriotic duty. #goUSA

The drama amped increase in the 3rd stage, as Europe led 5-4-0. USA\"s Ian Dory provided his team the command after the an initial heat through lasting the longest in phase three. However, he came within one run of perfect the course, crashing into the water together he to let go the critical bar prior to the last platform. He to be in good spirits, however a little bit disappointed too when talking v Leahy.

\"I wanted that one critical jump really bad,\" Dory said, \"but just didn\"t have actually it in me.\"

Dory\"s heat victory officially removed Japan from a first-place finish, which supposed the vain came under to the last two heats in between Europe and USA.

Stefano Ghisolfi won the second-to-last heat, providing Europe the 8-7 lead and setting up the final dramatics v McColl and Caldiero.

It couldn\"t have been a much more exciting people competition together fans eagerly await the start of American Ninja Warrior Season 8. If it\"s anything like USA vs. The civilization II, they\"re in because that a actual treat.

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