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Amazon element - PO box addresses currently eligible for Two-Day Shipipng? (shipping, delivery)
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We recently ordered an object for a girlfriend who has a PO crate address, and it looks favor we were provided the Two-Day Shipping option once we ordered, and also after bespeak it mirrors a delivery date of this Wednesday. I wonder, is Amazon now offering Two-Day shipping come PO box addresses? ns don"t view what prevented them native this in the first place, considering Amazon has its presorting arrangement with the USPS wherein Amazon"s linehaul network drops turn off packages to a local post office and also the USPS delivers the critical mile. However, i think there space a few post offices out there that don"t acquire Amazon drop-offs. Perhaps Amazon"s shipping algorithms got smart and also is able to determine which ZIP codes can get two-day delivery to PO box addresses. I will think it if that gets delivered this Wednesday.
"Free standard shipping" or "Free release-day shipping because that Prime and also PO Boxes. I"m sure the 2 day option can be accessible on certain items and PO boxes yet according to this link it"s not a standard advantage that you deserve to expect v every element order.https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/custo...deId=202075470
Looks favor it to be shipped today and also Amazon tho expects a Wednesday delivery. It will certainly be dropped turn off by Amazon"s linehaul network in ~ a local article office and the USPS will supply it into the PO Box.

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Looks choose that package won"t be ceded this Wednesday ~ all, since it has actually been declared that it will be a nationwide day of mourning for George H.W. Bush. I"m guessing for part overnight deliveries inserted today Amazon most likely won"t be utilizing the USPS (although Amazon doesn"t use USPS lot for overnight).
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