The law Office that Alma Rosa Nieto

A significant Fixture in the Latino Community

The office has promoted immigrant rights since it was started in 1984. Every member of our firm is a talented, bilingual (English/Spanish), and also integral component of our mission. We believe in giving the highest possible quality the legal services to our clients at the most cost-efficient level providing no-interest payment plans. We offer our community with integrity, honesty, and the highest standards in our industry.

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Our virtual cases are taken on with the highest possible standards in our industry, enabling you to be at tranquility from the lull of her home.

Alma Rosa Nieto is a Telemundo correspondent and makes it a allude to have countless appearances on television, print, and also radio in bespeak to store immigrants educated of the ever-changing field of immigration.


Helping immigrants because 1984.

The law Office that Alma Rosa Nieto consists a diverse selection of immigrant Services, allowing us to aid keep households together.


Family Petition I-130A United says citizen has actually several choices for petitioning as soon as using the I-130 application.

Naturalization N-400In most cases, one applicant must very first be a legal long-term resident come qualify because that United says citizenship.

Waivers (I-601, I-212)Immigration regulation states that individuals who have committed specific acts are ineligible to immigrate come the unified States.
U-Visa (I-918)Congress developed the U – Visa to assist law enforcement in investigate crime. Just 10,000 visas are issued per year.

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Breaking News at Alma Rosa Nieto

Founder Alma Rosa Nieto renders it a suggest to have numerous appearances ~ above television, print and also radio in order to keep immigrants informed of the ever-changing field of immigration. In this ar you will find an essential information as component of our recurring dedication to the furtherance and education that the immigrant community.