It’s one of my favorite tracks native Only a divine God, the new album by CityAlight. It celebrate God’s omniscience, his finish knowledge. It celebrate God’s omnipotence, his complete power. It celebrate God’s omnipresence, his constant presence in this world. It celebrate the delight of discovering that these qualities make a distinction to the life the the Christian. It’s dubbed “All My methods Are recognized To You” and also says, “And oh what peace that i have discovered / wherever I may be / For every my means are known to girlfriend / Hallelujah, castle are known to You!”



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I have discovered myself mirroring on two interpretations of “all my means are well-known to you,” one that is intended by the songwriters and one that is outside the border of their song. Both have brought me comfort.

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The first is the definition they intend. Every my methods are recognized to God. He has actually planned my life. He sees its beginning and its end, that peaks and also its valleys, the brightest hours and its darkest days. “No trial has actually come past Your hand / No step I walk past Your setup / The path is dark external my see / Still every my means are known to You.” as I to walk life’s paths, I understand that God has seen them and, in part way, to plan them. I recognize there are no surprises to him. Ns walk only where the has identified my feet will tread. The brings me every kinds that comfort, all manner of joy.

And climate there is the definition they did not intend. All my ways are well-known to God. God knows everything I am, every little thing I have ever been, whatever I do, whatever I have ever done. He knows who I to be at heart, who I am in my darkest moments, that I occasionally wish come be and what i sometimes lengthy to do. He to know how even my finest deeds have actually been done with imperfection and from tarnished motives. The knows every there is come know around me, things I don’t even know around myself. I am an open book prior to him, set bare prior to his penetrating gaze. And still he loves me.

If there was even one point God did no know about me, that could be the thing that would placed me past his grace. If I can hold back anything from him, i would, the course, keep ago my darkest deeds, my many shameful secrets. I would display screen my best and also hide mine worst. However then, as soon as the books were opened in the last day, it might be uncovered that these sins were the ones because that which there is no forgiveness, the ones he had actually not foreseen as soon as he welcomed the sacrifice that his boy on my behalf. My confidence would certainly be undermined and also destroyed. But, no, every one of my means are known to him, and also even this finish knowledge walk nothing to diminish or damage his love because that me.

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God to know the many intimate details that the events and also circumstances of mine life, so I have nothing to fear in life. He to know the darkest, most shameful details of my thoughts and deeds, so I have actually nothing to are afraid in death. All my means are recognized to him.