I"ve had this in my head for years:I believe I am highI think I"m gonna dieI think around it eexceptionally night and also daySmoke some cracj and pass awayI think I have the right to smokeSee me chokin appropriate up my throatI believe I am high

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once a frifinish told me that tright here was a parody to that song that sassist somepoint like:I believe I have the right to flyI got swarm by the FBIAll I wanted was some chicken wingsAnd some fries from Burger Kindthat"s all I remember... yours is funny!
haha that"s funny
a frifinish taught me this version:I think i have the right to dieI obtained shot by the FBIand all i wanted was a chicken wingfrom Mcdonalds or BurgerkingI had to go to the hospitalhowever all they offered me was a popsicleI believe I deserve to die...or something choose that
Lol yeh I heard an FBI version as well.. It went somin like:I believe I can flyI"ve been swarm down by the FBIAll I wanted was a chicken wing2.99 from Burger KingYeah, that"s all.
hey lonewolf u must make the"I think im gonna die"into"I belive ima die""It would certainly sound better as soon as saying it
I heard:I belive I have the right to flyTill I acquired shot by the FBIall I wanted was a chicken wingthen they shot me in the dingalingI was in an ambulencetook me to the hospitallthey were doin sergury on my popsicle
I think I can peaAll I need is a toliet rollI simply leaked a bitGetting it recorded in the zip againDammit I"ll never perform it again
I Believe i have the right to flyGot swarm by the FBIAll I wanted was some Chicken RingsGot shot in my ding-a-lingI think i have the right to soar Got me running with that open up door I cant remember anymore
Here is a variation of "I think I can Fly."I believe she"s a guyI observed somepoint inin between her thighsShe"s coming over to talk to me Oh no, gotta go Cause i think she"s a guySomepoint like that lol
well mine goesI think i deserve to flyI got shot by the FBIAll i wanted was a packet of chipsInstead they blew my brain to bitsI belive i have the right to soarBut they swarm me bereason i was poor
LOL!! I heardI think I am highI believe I can touch the skysmoke a bluntevery night and also dayspcheck out my wing and also fuck awayI think I am stonesee me run appropriate right into the dooooooorI think I am highI think I am high
There"s 1 thread that has actually loads of these.It"s in the Misheard lyrics sections and also it"s "I think I deserve to fly"- by eh, someone
Really excellent men. I"m not english-speaking however I uncover your versions really funny (of wat i"ve understood).
Do it aget it"s really perfect
I learned it favor this:I believe I can dieI obtained shot by the FBIAll I wanted was a chicken wingFrom the nearemainder burger kingI gained run over by the Ice cream manEveryone knows he"s a crazy manAll I wanted was a popsicleBut I finished up in the hospitalWhen I gained home I got BarneyBut I essential moreSo shot him with my fourty-four
MY variation is thisi think i deserve to dieas i simply gained shot by the fbiall i wanted was a chicken leg however they even made me beg i believe ill never before be able 2 walk aget as my legs have been sht by the fbii think around it all night and also day as the pain wont go awaysomeday ill shot the fbi and than ill acquire awayi think i can die right across that damn open skies but i store asking myself whyi didnt acquire me chicken leg.
I think I can fly,I obtained shot by the FBI,All I wanted was a bag of chips,And then they shot me in the personal bits,I believed I might soar,But now really not very sure,I believe I have the right to fly,You can hear it from my laboured sigh,That the finish of the people is nigh...Weird.
HMM HERS A SEAL VERSIONI think In a pie, but they ar up and also close to the sky, All I wanted was to go to the surconfront, but then i believed i would give it a miss out on, I thought In a apple core, and then one fell into the water, I think In a pie, again!then one dropped in and also started tosmell prefer a pig sty, or or or

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