FIVE THINGS is a function on the Banjo brothers Blog. That a short interview around life and also bicycles through a significant person. This week"s notable human is cyclist and also cycling industry symbol Steve Smith, better known much and large as Stëvil Kinëvil.

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For those not acquainted with Smith’s shenanigans or weekly musings on his blog/journal, here, in his very own words is the backstory: My name is Steve, yet have long been known in some circles as Stevil. That originally came about via a mrs I used to messenger with after talk a recycling bin down a long flight of stairs and after acquiring pitched top top the sidewalk in ~ the bottom, i scorpioned and also kicked the ago of my very own head. Because that the critical nine year I’ve controlled all points ‘All Hail The black color Market’, and before that handled Swobo’s marketing duties, where I dusted off the old moniker.

What began as one experiment in marketing and also testing my very own abilities together a writer has actually turned right into a permanent job. I thrived up in Colorado, yet have spent the last plenty of years in Oakland, California. Ns married to a woman called Monika, that is patience to a fault, and also together we space part-time parents to a neighbor cat named Ike who’s recently taken a shine come us.

I’m a official trained ‘artist’, but that’s worth around as lot as being formally trained juggler. More than likely less, actually. (BTW, lot’s much more imagery from the art side of points is housed here.)

We expect you reap this week"s Banjo Brothers 5 Things.


SK: freshly I’ve been spending a totality lotta time on my Blue Collar Dirte’. It’s a roadway bike the my amigo Robert Ives built for me that has actually slightly bigger tire clearance and some new wiz bangy Shimano technology that i don’t think the powers that be there know that I have yet. It’s been a actual nice partner these critical bunch that months. Second, to that, I have a Hunter cross bike that I perform absolutely whatever on. It’s dented, and also run ragged, however I love it an ext than any bike I’ve ever before owned. Ns rode and also raced mountain bikes for years, yet these days I favor a lengthy adventure on among these bikes where I hit all kinds the terrain instead of simply one.



SK: I ride come nearly all of my rides, which limits me a bit, in that ns don’t frequently ride locations that take it an hour or 2 in a car to gain to. Luckily there is one awful lot of beautiful open space around the bay Area that ns can immediately access. Otherwise, any kind of ride come the bar is an exciting experience. I likewise prefer any ride the ends at a creek or swim hole. I’d spend means more time speak if every ride ended at a creek. Ns love creeks a lot. However- If I had a maker that might zap me to wherever, and whenever, ns would spend far more time riding hill bikes on mine hometown trails in Evergreen, Colorado. I evaluate everything about them and thoroughly enjoy visiting any time I gain the chance. (photo credit Joe McManus) 


BANJO BROS: WHAT room YOU listening TO, analysis OR WATCHING? 

SK: The existing television adaptation the Garth Ennis and also Steve Dillon’s graphics novel ‘Preacher’ has actually occupied my attention recently, yet I nothing spend much time city hall television. If ns have totally free time ns ride a bike, or a skateboard, or go to mine studio and paint. When I’m under there in the hole that stifled creativity, I tend to spend a many time listening come music. Few of my current favorites room The Budos Band’s ‘Burnt Offerings’, naturally, something by Rocket indigenous The Crypt, because I adore them, and also Graveyard’s newest album ‘Peace’ ns think it"s just about as perfect a item of music as I’ve ever heard. 

I additionally prefer any type of ride that ends at a creek or swim hole. I’d spend method more time talk if every ride finished at a creek. Ns love creeks a lot.


SK: Of every people, the trainer that I work out v at the gym turned me top top "pickle backs". A shooting of bourbon and also a shot of pickle juice. Some world shoot the bourbon and also then the juice, yet I think castle taste so good together I simply take a sip of this, and also a sip the that. Ns mean, if you gained a very delicious burrito, would certainly you eat the entirety thing as easily as girlfriend could? Of course not. Apparently savoring things is a ingredient of getting older or something.


SK: In the tiny margins of points that don’t matter, ns think e-scooters, e-boards, e-bikes, and also the like are stupid, but that’s just like, mine opinion, man. In the big picture of things that do matter, the existing political/environmental/social everything. We room truly in upside-down times. Ns don’t mental the last time someone asked me just how I was and also I can honestly answer "fine". I’m simply trying to be a good person, and also run mine business, and also be empathetic because that those whose views I can not agree with, but with every day the passes, and also any bit of news that the cross my radar, I find that much more and more difficult. Moving forward, i will continue to try and be a an excellent person, try to be understanding, save one foot in prior of the other, and for the moment being anyway, shot to store both that them above the ground.


A big Banjo Brothers thank you to Stevil for participating in this week"s version of 5 Things. These brief interviews about life and also bicycles will appear every Friday ~ above the Banjo brothers Blog. If you liked this 5 THINGS native Banjo Brothers girlfriend should check our full series of past 5 things interviews.

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