My beloved brother and also sister in law recently had actually an “Alice in Wonderland” themed wedding… and also they put me in fee of part kids’ activities/ crafts for the “morning after ~ the night before”.

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So, I had a tiny ponder and thought it would be an excellent to have actually a selection of different alice in wonderland crafts and activities they could do – undirected and also directed. I additionally didn’t desire to sell “too countless wedding crafts”, together a) children don’t always fancy it and b) it have the right to be overwhelming and c) it might all end up in one huge messy pile. The final task (the soldier cards) where made a LOT less complicated by using my new Cricut Explore. 

As I had the ability to upload my very own pattern and cut enough for 10 kids come craft. This is probably my most favourite function of the Cricut Explore and renders it destructive useful and versatile because that me. Perfect for kids party crafts (it would have actually been so handy because that our Superhero Mask party handmade and paper Hobby steed party craft). So I decided on the following for task ideas, loose themed around Alice in Wonderland:

(our main Alice in Wonderland party craft! much more below)


1) cost-free Drawing – I found some lover “framed” paper, that instantly turns every drawing into a “framed work-related of art”

2) Alice in Wonderland Colouring Pages (my children can colour for hours) – I printed some native Coloring Book.

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3) straightforward Alice in Wonderland Puppets (cut, tape, finish). I found a cute printable that was simple for young children to cut on their very own on Wild Olive.


4) finally – the “proper craft” – some Alice in Wonderland Soldier Card civilization (that to be a mouth full).I do the Alice in Wonderland card People based upon those byDisney Family– they had actually made part for Valentine’s Day, so had a collection of love shaped ones. I wanted to carry out all 4 suits (though the hearts are most likely the nicest), so determined to do my very own pattern again.

Make your own Alice in Wonderland Soldiers:


* old deck that cards (with some lacking already!)

* red and also black cardstock

* white paper

* pipecleaners (for eight – optional)

* pens because that details

* scissors & adhesive stick

Having aCricut Exploreis convenient, but not essential. You have the right to hand reduced the bits you need, yet of food it will certainly take a tiny longer!

Soldier craft Steps


1) together Disney only had actually the heart card template, I began to make my very own for every the cards. Ns took a look in ~ the Marching Soldiers cartoon to view what “shapes I would need”. Plainly the 4 suits some hearts, circles, triangles and some rectangles (for the feet). I check the Cricut design room for exciting shapes. No luck.


2) not a problem. I scanned in a set of cards instead! then I visited the Cricut Explore style room, uploaded it and also each time cropped out one the four suits and saved it 4 times. Task done. IUse the heart form to create second “cape” (a large heart) and select an easy triangles and also circles as an easy shapes. So every soldier girlfriend need:

* 1 head (heart, diamond, spade or club)

* 1 face (depending on form a circle, love or triangle)

* 1 big heart because that the cape

* 2 rectangles for feet

Here space the Cricut design Room steps to assist you follow me the way:

Go come the style room and also start a brand-new project. Choose upload ~ above the left hand side. You should obtain this image. Go for “Basic Upload” (ignore the photos at the bottom, those room my conserved projects!)

Once you have uploaded your image, choose “Basic Image” (as you room going for a an easy one colour shape)

Now the funny begins. You deserve to either crop very first or select the eraser and also get to escape of all the bits you don’t need. Cropping walk a well job, yet the eraser is FUN. Besure to obtain ALL the bits though.

I then use the “magic delete” device to eliminate the tiny little bit of white about my shape.

You can double check you have actually done it every right, by clicking the eye on the top right hand corner. That gives you a watch of the reduced that will be made.

Finally save your project, yet do provide it a name and also some tags, therefore you can easily find it again!! currently you are ready to relocate on to action 3.

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Insert every the forms you need and also get the dimension right. Then choose different colours, for this reason you can later reduced from one sheet of light card.