I may not play Gears Tactics at launch, however do you think that Alex Brand also would make a cameo in it? Or, would certainly they just recycle the voice lines from Judgment via a new model?

I don’t recognize this for fact but i was under the impression that gears tactics takes location before everyone even knew that myrahh was or simply just how huge the locust army was. If that is the instance then I’m pretty sure alex wouldn’t be able to be in the game continuity wise.

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Her story starts late in the locust battle in the birpoint program so unmuch less techniques has actually a huge time expectancy or desires to re write her character she cant be in it.


good that you have actually a laugh tbelow, it was the intention


People *** around Kait being sjw addition yet choose Alex. Why? Seriously, why? Dye job, examine. Butch lesbian male hating perspective examine, examine and also examine, check. Baird hater, examine. Wants everyone to hate the evil ‘fascist’ , inspect. Angst about points happening( that I won’t cite bereason despite being on a forum for a Mature rated franchise I can’t talk around it) that only exists in this franchise bereason Cliff was a bitter edgelord ‘in that time of his life’…Check.

Not saying it isn’t bad what occurred to her and also civilization IRL go via this significant type of crime, but making a scene around it constantly and also using it as an excuse to treat others the method she does despite them having absolutely NOTHING to do with it? Yeah this ain’t it, chill out, sheight dealing with complete strangers favor ** for someone else’s actions. You can’t use a blanket statement to everyone bereason of what isolated groups of individuals did. Something equivalent taken place to Bernie, she doesn’t go roughly treating various other world favor trash. She doesn’t blame people prefer Dizzy for what various other Stranded did to her.

You acquire psychotic people in war. Sick ** that don’t have actually a conscience. But to job this hatred on everyone? On this scale? No.

Seriously wright here are all the therapists in this franchise…and I recognize thatPrescott had ‘experts in their field’ all relocated to Azura, it’s proclaimed in the slab that there are psychologists tright here and also a character is advised to look for one out for their concerns , but come on. You’re informing me Prescott couldn’t keep a few mental health and wellness professionals safe in Jacinto?

This chick is a walking stereokind worse than Cole.

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She was alive on Vectes quickly prior to Gears 3 began. Present out day in Coalition’s End novel which takes place about 18mos. prior to the game starts. So she has a strong opportunity of being alive. Dom was about 40 in this book, and he’s a bit younger than Marcus… Kait’s in her twenties in Gears 4…at least maybe 24 and also that’s lowballing. Her dad made it through Jacinto’s sinking and 4 takes area 25 years after 3…I’d guesstimate Alex would certainly be around 40 to 45, and we didn’t watch many characters from the broadened world in the games. Why they picked Alex of all world I’ll never know. Sam at leastern makes feeling.