Just a Dom sharing his thoughts I"ve been at this for many kind of years, some could say old school. 45 male, married, Taken, GA love sharing my experiences, teaching others, providing my advice, providing my warnings and sharing the erotica that I create. All stories are 100% mine. NSFW stuff numerous it no one under 18/21 enabled depending upon your state/country.here"s a attach to all my stories: https://tastecraftedmcd.com/post/178320244548/people-have-been-asking-for-links-to-my-stories-so snapchat: daddysirtoyou

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He pinned her versus the wall, ordered her neck, let her feel exactly how strong his hands were as his fingers squeeze hard. She felt instantly lightheaded from the squeeze and the excitement.

He felt her gasp versus his lips. “Please Sir” as she wanted more of his regulate.

He smiled prior to locking his lips to hers, kissing her as if their resides depended on it. Eager, deliberate and passionate. The feel of their tongues darting roughly as he explored her via his kiss. He slid his arm up her side and felt eextremely muscle twitch via need. He kbrand-new she was his and he was going to take her.

His hand also stayed on her neck, gently squeezing as his body pinned her to the wall. His other hand slid approximately her confront as he kissed. His lips moved away and he shoved 2 fingers deep in her throat. His eyes locked on hers. “Gag for me kitten!” He commanded as his fingers made their intrusion.

She gagged simply as he pulled out and she smiled back at him “Thank you sir” she moaned as her body reacted. She needed to be taken on, provided, owned, and he was the initially she trusted to carry out this so entirely.

His hand also remained in her shorts prior to she realized it. Wet from her mouth she felt 2 fingers push deep in her pussy. No warning. Not softness. Just slammed deep inside her lifting her to her guideline toes. Her loud grunt hit his challenge as she smiled and also her eyes rolled back in her head. “Oh fuck, yours sir…all yours!”.

He smiled as stared into her eyes. He knew this was just the beginning

She smiled as he stared right into her eyes. She kbrand-new this was just the start.

Two people, in synch, needing to manage, needing to be controlled. That link , that trust, that passion will permit you to let go into incredibly primal, intense times. We need even more of this in our lives. Find someone you trust and also simply learn to let go.

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