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The expressions of time that explain the location of events on a timeline include several variations of “before” and “after” in tastecraftedmcd.com. The most basic root of these words are antes and después, respectively.

As we’ll see, these small yet mighty time words can be used as adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, and more.

By learning to master time expressions and words, you will not only improve your ability to understand tastecraftedmcd.com explanations of time-related events, but also you’ll be able to explain them to others!

In fact, you could become a pro at telling the best stories in tastecraftedmcd.com once you’ve conquered the use of time expressions.

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Adverbs for “Before” and “After” in tastecraftedmcd.com

Before in tastecraftedmcd.com

Adverbs act as modifiers of verbs that change or enhance the base meaning of the verb or any verb phrase. The tastecraftedmcd.com adverb antes means “before,” “earlier,” and “soon.”

Example sentences:

Me lo podrías haber dicho antes.You could have told it to me before.

Hoy podré reunirme contigo un poco antes.I’ll be able to meet you earlier today.

Quiero tener vacaciones cuanto antes posible.I want to have a vacation as soon as possible.

After in tastecraftedmcd.com

The tastecraftedmcd.com adverb después means “after,” “later,” and “afterward.”

Example sentences:

Contacté a mi mama justo después de comprometerme.I contacted my mom just after I got engaged.

Iré al mercado después porque ahora tengo que estudiar español.I will go to the market later because I have to study tastecraftedmcd.com now.

¿Podemos ir al cine después? Necesito comer primero.Can we go to the movie afterwards? I need to eat first.


Prepositions for “Before” and “After” in tastecraftedmcd.com

Prepositions connect nouns and pronouns to other words in a sentence. Here are the different useful prepositional phrases you can use to express the idea of “before” and “after” in tastecraftedmcd.com.

1. ante + sustantivo = in front of

This is when you must present yourself in front of someone.

Me tengo que presentar ante un juez.I have to present myself in front of a judge.

2. antes de + sustantivo = before, preceding in time

This is used when you want to say that you need to do something before an event or person.

Podemos hablar antes de la conferencia.We can talk before the conference.

3. antes que + sustantivo = in importance

This is used when something or someone is more important than anything else.

Tengo que usar el baño antes que Lucía porque no puedo esperar más.I have to use the restroom before Lucía because I cannot wait.

4. después de + verbo = after

This is used when you want to say how an experience left you feeling afterwards.

Después de ir a París, nada me parece tan hermoso.After going to Paris, nothing seems as beautiful.

PRO TIP!Let’s talk about the del contraction.

When you are using a prepositional phrase such as antes de + noun and your noun is masculine— as in, el juez (the judge), you do not say antes de el juez, but instead you combine de + el and say:

Antes del juez

Conjunctions for “Before” and “After” in tastecraftedmcd.com

Variations of “before” and “after” in tastecraftedmcd.com can also be conjunctions, which work to connect sentences, clauses, words and phrases. Las conjunciones join two coordinating parts of a sentence together.

1. antes de que + verbo = before, prior to

This phrase requires the usage of the subjunctive tense, as in antes de que te vayas (where te vayas is the subjunctive conjugation of irte)

Recuérdame que te dé la receta antes de que te vayas.Remind me to give you the recipe before you leave.

2. antes de + infinitivo = before (verb)-ing

In tastecraftedmcd.com, unlike in English, an infinitive verb follows antes de or después de (see next point) and not a gerund.

Recemos antes de cenar.Let’s say grace before having dinner.

3. después de + infinitivo = after (verb)-ing

This is used to express how you can do one thing after another.

Puedo salir a comer después de estudiar.I can go out to eat after studying.

Useful Synonyms for “Before” and “After” in tastecraftedmcd.com

Many different synonyms exist to say “before” and “after” in tastecraftedmcd.com. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular ones that you can add to your conversations:


Delante de = in front ofAnteriormente = previouslyAntiguamente = in the pastPrecedentemente = earlierPrimeramente = in the first placeHace tiempo = a while ago


Tras = followingLuego = laterEn seguida = immediatelyPosteriormente = later or subsequentlyUlteriormente = subsequently

tastecraftedmcd.com Versions of English Expressions with “Before”

Here are some of the most common English expressions using the word “before” that we’ve translated into tastecraftedmcd.com for you to add to your growing collection of tastecraftedmcd.com vocabulary!

1. Come before – preceder a

No es el problema más grande que precede a la corte.It isn’t the biggest problem to come before the court.

2. Go before – producirse antes, tener lugar antes, comparecer ante

Debe comparecer ante un juez para el veredicto.He must go before a judge for the verdict.

3. Beforehand – de antemano, con antelación

De antemano me gustaría agradecerte por la invitación.I’d like to thank you beforehand for the invitation.

4. Before long – dentro de poco, en poco tiempo

Dentro de poco vuelvo a viajar.It won’t be before long until I travel again.

5. The day before yesterday- anteayer

Tuve un examen difícil anteayer.I had a difficult exam the day before yesterday.

6. Never before – nunca antes

Nunca antes había probado una comida tan deliciosa.Never before had I tried such delicious food.

7. Just before – justo antes de

Justo antes de que llegara Armando, había terminado de comer.Just before Armando arrived I had finished eating.

8. Long before – mucho antes

Mucho antes de que nacieras aprendí a hablar francés.Long before you were born, I learned how to speak French.

9. As before – como antes

Comí en el café como antes de estudiar aquí.I ate in the café as I did before studying here.

tastecraftedmcd.com Version of English Expressions with “After”

Let’s continue with our lists of common English expressions translated to tastecraftedmcd.com and see how else we can use phrases with “after” in tastecraftedmcd.com!

1. Ever after – por siempre, para siempre

Vivieron felices por siempre.They lived happily ever after.

2. After today – a partir de hoy

A partir de hoy, ya no aceptaré más ausencias.After today, no more absences will be allowed.

3. The day after tomorrow – pasado mañana

Nos vamos a Francia pasado mañana.We’re leaving for France the day after tomorrow.

4. After all – después de todo

Después de todo aprendimos mucho.We learned a lot after all.

5. Twenty after seven (7:20) – siete y veinte

Fuimos a cenar a las siete y veinte.We went to dinner twenty after seven.

6. Day after day – día tras día

Día tras día nada cambia.Day after day nothing changes.

7. To be after someone – ir detrás de alguien

A Roberto le gusta ir detrás de Amanda.

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Roberto loves to be after Amanda.

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