The recent Sims 4 game Patch has included some brand-new game additions like CAS assets, build/buy items, and also Toddlers! The post below contains quick previews and images that the brand-new features added to the game.

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Upon entering Create-a-Sim, friend now have actually a 6 brand brand-new skin tone colors to select from when tailoring your Sims. Six shades of grey-ish.

In addition to the skin tones, girlfriend are now able to customize teeth because that Sims of every ages. To enter customization for this, open up the confront > Teeth section of CAS. Sims aged teen to Elder have the exact same customization options, while Children and Toddlers have alternatives of your own.

The final addition to Sims 4’s Create-a-Sim, is a new “Creepy Walk” go Style. Choose this choice when tailoring a Sim’s walk format in CAS.

New Radio Stations

Today’s update adds the new “Lullabies” and also “Kids” music category to the game. You deserve to now listen to the brand-new music tracks in video game via the stereo and also speaker systems.

Build/Buy Mode

The recent Sims 4 upgrade adds 7 brand brand-new Wallpapers, 2 brand new Floor colors, and 2 brand brand-new doors. You can uncover these item in the develop section that the game.

Styled Rooms

The latest Sims 4 update has actually also included two brand brand-new Toddler themed Styled Rooms come the game. Simply select and place castle in your game.



The largest addition to The Sims 4 v this update, is the addition of Toddlers, a new life-stage in The Sims 4. Toddlers duty just like any other (non-infant) life-stage, complete with emotions, animations, needs, skills, traits, and interactions.

Infants in the video game who age up to the next stage that life will instantly turn right into toddlers. If you do not have actually infants in your household, you can always adopt a toddler via computer for §1,000 simoleons, or create a Toddler right in Create-a-Sim.


Toddlers come complete with hairstyles, clothing, head accessories, shoes, and outfits. Castle share every the customization alternatives as other Sims in the game, consisting of facial parts (chin, nose, lips, eyes, etc), skin colors, hair colors, and tooth customization.

As far as face and body sculpting is concerned, you have the right to customize a toddlers facial features just as any type of other Sim, however, you deserve to only use a weight slider come sculpt a Toddler’s body.

Toddlers come complete with clothing, accessories, shoes, and also hairstyles. Be certain to check out all the cute tiny items for her Tots! (Tights because that girls room a good accessory!)

Toddler Traits

Toddlers also come through their very own unique traits. These traits have the right to be applied directly indigenous Create-a-Sim, or girlfriend can select a trait once your infant eras up to a toddler. The following traits are easily accessible for immediate selection, together with two that are rewarded.

Angelic – Idyllic, easygoing Toddlers. Castle are never ever defiant and also they don’t litter a tantrum. Lock can quickly talk come strangers.

Charmer – these Toddlers love come socialize. Lock earn communication skill faster, and don’t endure Stranger hazard from strangers. They deserve to Share the Love with other Sims.

Clingy – these shy Toddlers prevent Sims external the household and get sad if left behind. They obtain extra skill when taught. And also they recover quicker from bad moods as soon as Comforted.

Fussy – small trouble-makers that love to Cry, cause trouble, and Throw Fits. Yet being noticed makes them Happy and also helps them overcome an unfavorable Moodlets.

Independent – this Toddlers love your freedom, and also don’t favor to take orders from caregivers. They acquire extra skill as soon as they space left alone, and also need less Attention than other Toddlers.

Inquisitive – Curious explorers. These Toddlers gain Thinking skill slightly faster. They space happiest when finding out something, and sad if they haven’t learned anything lately.

Silly – Goofy and curious. These Toddlers love to tell jokes and get Playful. Castle earn creative thinking skill slightly faster.

Wild – Spirited and full of Energy. These Toddlers love to explore and get Energized. Lock earn motion skill contempt faster. They obtain Sad if lock haven’t been external in a while.❗ The complying with traits are offered to kid Sims who period up native Toddlers. Certain skill requirements are essential for these traits to be rewarded to children.
Happy Toddler (Reward properties – Child) – This Sim acquired a good jump on skills as a toddler. This help them acquire all an abilities a little bit faster. (From having actually all Level 3 Toddler skills when aging approximately Child)

Top-Notch Toddler (Reward properties – Child) – This Sim acquired such a strong jump on an abilities as a toddler, they enhance all other skills extra fast. (From having actually all Level 5 Toddler skills when aging approximately Child)

Occult Toddlers

While in Create-a-Sim you also have the choice to develop an alien (or Occult) Toddler, and have finish control over their Alien looks and also disguise. (Same uses to Vampire Toddlers once The Sims 4 Vampires video game Pack is released later on this month.)

Care Dependent

Toddlers have a special relationship with some Sims; their Parents and also Caregivers. Sims that fall into one of those two teams will problem themselves with and also care because that the demands of the toddler. Girlfriend can additionally choose to become (or remove) yourself together a Caregiver by picking the take on as care Dependent interaction in the Toddler care menu.

Toddler Needs

Just like other Sims in her household, Toddlers have needs that have to be met. Fail to accomplish the requirements of a hungry or neglected toddler will an outcome in social solutions taking away the toddler. The adhering to needs should be met to keep a Toddler happy:

Bladder – usage a diaper because that a fast fix, or potty train ~ above the potty chair.

Hunger – Toddlers can eat ~ above the floor, but they like to sit in a high chair for a appropriate meal.

Energy – Toddlers like to sleep or nap in a toddler bed. Lock can also nap top top the floor or couch.

Fun – Everyone demands some funny in their lives, particularly toddlers. Play with toys, look at books, or play a video game on the tablet.

Attention – Toddlers need an ext attention 보다 older Sims and need to be constantly watched and also engaged with in bespeak to be happy.

Hygiene – Adult Sims can adjust a dirty diaper, or give a toddler a bath.

Toddler Skills

Toddlers have their own collection of skills in the game: Communication, Imagination, Movement, Thinking, and also Potty.. These an abilities help form a toddler’s behavior and also maturity level together they prosper older. Below is a failure of this skills:

❗ Click right here for Toddler ability Cheats

Communication Level 1 – talking is a large step for any type of Toddler. The communication skill teaches Toddlers advanced socials. Boost it by talking v others, and studying progressed Flash Cards. Toddlers need to learn just how to speak and understand as soon as being spoken to.

Communication Level 2 – Toddlers deserve to now Hug and also Hit others, and also Learn animals from flash Cards with adults.

Communication Level 3 – Toddlers deserve to now Talk. They will Talk around Toys, Talk about Trucks, Yell At, or Say nonsense to others. Toddlers can likewise Ask because that Dessert, and learn various other socials by increasing other skills, together well.

Communication Level 4 – Toddlers can now Talk about Party, Talk about Favorite Animal, and also Tell punch Knock Jokes. They can additionally Learn Objects from speed Cards.

Communication Level 5 – Toddlers fully develop linguistic skills. They can now phone call Story, phone call Goofy Story, and also Talk about Dinosaurs.

Imagination Level 1 – Toddlers with imagination play in their very own world. Creativity skill teaches Toddlers to read and also create fantastical human beings with their toys. Gain creative thinking skill by playing with Toys and Dolls, listening come music, or looking in ~ Toddler Books.

Imagination Level 2 – Toddlers deserve to now Look in ~ the images in Toddler Books, and Play through others in ~ the Dollhouse.

Imagination Level 3 – Toddlers can now surname toys, dolls, and stuffed animals.

Imagination Level 4 – Toddlers have the right to Read Toddler Books.

Imagination Level 5 – Toddlers have totally developed your Imagination, and also can see Art.

Movement Level 1 – Toddlers who emphasis on movement really acquire around. The motion skill help Toddlers to walk faster, run, climb stairs, and also dance, dance, dance. Boost it by walking around, building with Nesting Blocks, dancing, or via beat wrestling v adults.

Movement Level 2 – Toddlers deserve to now rise stairs and Play Wrestle (requires Wild Trait) v an adult.

Movement Level 3 – Toddlers deserve to now to walk faster and Dance to music.

Movement Level 4 – Toddlers have the right to now Run and Build Towers the end of Nesting Blocks.

Movement Level 5 – Toddlers have completely developed their motion Skill, and can quickly climb stairs.

Thinking Level 1 – Thinking ability helps toddlers litter fewer tantrums and also be an ext capable of taking treatment of themselves. It reduces defiance, and also helps to settle needs. Thinking skill is enhanced by being curious, or through playing through Flash Cards, Nesting Blocks, or the Tablet.

Thinking Level 2 – Toddlers deserve to now Study shapes on the Nesting Blocks and will defy parents less often.

Thinking Level 3 – Toddlers have the right to now learn Numbers from flash Cards with adults, and sleep much better through the night.

Thinking Level 4 – Toddlers can now questioning Why of various other Sims, and also knows not to Splash in the Toilet.

Thinking Level 5 – Toddlers have fully developed their thinking Skill, sleep with the night, and also never defy parents. Toddlers have the right to now find out Letters from flash Cards and practice Spelling through Nesting Blocks.

Potty Level 1 – restroom training provides dirty diapers a point of the past. Potty skill teaches toddlers to use the Potty Chair. Improve it by having an adult Train the toddler.

Potty Level 2 – Toddlers can now usage the Potty Chair there is no the assist of an adult.

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Potty Level 3 – Toddlers have actually mastered Potty training and also they will certainly always try and use the Potty Chair rather of your diaper.

Toddler Interactions

Toddlers likewise have your own unique interactions with various other Sims and objects. Questioning for food, hitting a friend, playing with various other Sims, throwing tantrums, and also “Splashing” the toilet, are just some of the easily accessible options easily accessible to Toddlers.

Toddler Recipes

Toddlers can eat pretty lot anything they gain their hands on, however the update also included some Toddler particular food dishes easily accessible to Toddlers once eating in high-chairs. The adhering to 13 food and drink options dishes are easily accessible to Toddlers:

Buy setting (Toddlers)

This update added a selection of objects specifically for Toddlers. Once opening the new “Toddler” group in the children section of purchase mode, girlfriend will discover everything you need to prepare your house for Toddlers. (Skill objects included!)