i can"t seem to discover what the max lot of lamb is sustained on the Acer Aspire one D255. That came v 1gb, and I see that many netbooks assistance up to 2gb.

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"". The D255 will assistance 2GB of lamb (there’s a solitary slot inside) yet it’s not particularly easy to open up the casing. Happily you will do it only ever do the once.""



While the Slashgear site definitely seems to suggest that a solitary RAM slot leads to no much more than 2GB of memory, DDR3 ram is obtainable up come 4GB ~ above a solitary module and could later go as high together 16GB top top a single module.

Therefore I"d to speak the inquiry is tho open. Perhaps Slashgear is dorn or simply sloppily worded. Probably there is a 2GB limit however if for this reason it"s not due to the fact that a solitary DDR3 slot can"t have much more memory plugged right into it.


It turns out the Intel Atom N550 is restricted to 2GB of RAM, so the processor is the limiting factor rather than the variety of RAM slots.



your acer aspire d255 is most most likely a 32bit system. If its windows 7 starter it will only permit you to have actually 2gb of physical memory. Friend can adjust that by changing settings in her boot menu though.


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Upgrading ram memory on an Acer Aspire One ZG5 netbook, version AOA110 outcomes in much less RAM than meant
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