The Pressed for Time AC Odyssey riddle have the right to be discovered in the Sacred Lands of Apollo area in Phokis. This Ainigmata Ostraka riddle will take you throughout the region and have you browsing via Pilgrim’s Landing for the solution. Below we’ll display you just how to discover the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Pressed for Time Ainigmata Ostraka tablet computer and also wright here to uncover the treasure it points to.

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How to Find the Ainigmata Ostraka Tablet in the Sacred Lands of Apollo in AC Odyssey


This puzzle is pretty straightforward. To discover the treasure, the tablet is pointing to you must head to Pilgrim’s Landing, the huge settlement in the southern of Phokis. If you head to the southeastern component of the city and also discover, you’ll find the Leader’s House for the area.

The next part might require some stealth on your component since tright here will certainly be hostile guards near the Leader’s Housage. From the entrance of the residence, head southern and also you’ll watch an olive plantation. If you go to the front of the farm, you’ll be able to uncover a large bowl complete of oresides. Search below to discover the Pressed for Time Ainigmata Ostraka riddle and also acquire your prize.

For addressing this puzzle, you’ll acquire a reward of enhanced Elemental Resistance.

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