An easter egg concerning a hot switch social concern in the latest A Hat with time DLC expansion has sparked angry from some players who believe the easter egg is an example of the proceeding politization of video clip games.

In the latest A cap In Time downloadable contents expansion, Nyakuza subway + online Party, players can discover a Transgender proud Flag painted in a surprise alcove in the Nyakuza subway stage. The flag is not quickly accessible, requiring players to check out an obscure area that the level and complete numerous platforming part in order to view the flag. ~ above YouTube, user icze4r posted a video demonstrating how to access the well-hidden flag:

Following the relax of the DLC, some players required to the heavy steam forum for A cap in Time to voice your complaints around the consist of of the flag come the developer, Gears for Breakfast. The significant point the contention because that those protest to the flag’s inclusion was the belief that its consists was an effort to inject unrelated politics right into a non-political video clip game:

However, this feeling was not universal, as other users who supported or to be indifferent come the flag’s inclusion started to take note of this farming sentiment:

People are supposedly mad cuz a cap in time has the trans rights flag in the brand-new DLC and they room saying the games getting political??? Uhhhhhhh exactly how is basic human civil liberties a political problem I swear several of y’all it is in sniffing glue prior to you do these posts