A excellent friend is choose a bra: tough to find one you"re comfortable through, always offers assistance, holds you tight and is constantly cshed to your heart.

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My friend, remember that without stupidity tbelow wouldn"t be knowledge, and without ugliness tbelow wouldn"t be beauty, so the human being demands you after all.Anonymous

Laughing is just one of the finest exercises, it"s prefer running inside your mind. You have the right to do it nearly all over and also it"s also better via a friend.Anonymous


I"d walk with fire for my finest friend. Well, not fire because that"s dangerous. But a super humid room... well not also humid, bereason you know... my hair.Anonymous
I made my Facebook name "Benefits," so as soon as you add me now it claims "you"re friends via benefits."Anonymous
Friends are prefer walls, occasionally you lean on them and sometimes it"s excellent just discovering they"re tright here.Anonymous
A true friend is someone who thinks you"re a great egg, even though they recognize you"re slightly cracked.Anonymous
Friendship is favor peeing on yourself: everyone can see it, however just you gain the warmth feeling that it brings.Anonymous
I love making friends. I normally prefer to make them out of plaster and also offer them funny looking hats.tastecraftedmcd.com
I do not need a psychiatrist to prod into my personal life and make me tell them all my secrets, I have actually my friends for that.CoolFunnyEstimates.com

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