cosine the 30 and also so we replace F parallel through F cos of Θ— Θ gift this 30 degrees here— and then we multiply the by the displacement. For this reason that's 50 newtons time cos 30 times 30 meters which is 1.3 times 10 come the 3 joules.">

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This is university Physics Answers v Shaun Dychko. The work done by this brothers pulling his sister in the wagon is the component of pressure that he"s using that"s parallel come the displacement multiplied by the displacement. So the pressure is along this line 30 degrees over horizontal and also that method the component that"s parallel come the displacement is gonna it is in this portion here and then we have the right to make a best triangle here and it"s the nearby leg the this ideal triangle that we are interested in and also we can uncover it by multiplying the hypotenuse through cosine of 30 and so we replace F parallel through F cos the Θ— Θ being this 30 degrees here— and also then we multiply that by the displacement. For this reason that"s 50 newtons times cos 30 time 30 meter which is 1.3 time 10 come the 3 joules.