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four companies have actually been attached to this address through corporate registration records. These are few of the names: Gallagher & Associates, gmbh (md) and also Gallagher & Associates, LLC. Gallagher Properties llc owns the property. The property was built in 1949. The residential or commercial property is 73 year old, which is nineteen year older than the average age of a structure in silver Spring of 54 years. The living area is 12,605 sqft. The size of the land lot is 15,271 sqft. The building is story high. The value of the soil is most likely roughly $772,700. The sale price for this building was $4,725,000. Twelve permit applications to be registered for work at this address. Top top December 29, 2009, the last permit for occupational at this deal with was issued. 12,605 sqft is the size of the life area. Some world write this attend to as 8665 Georgia Avenu, silver- Spring, MD 20910-3405. The ZIP code for this deal with is 20910 and also the postal code suffix is 3405. 8665 Georgia Ave is in the Downtown silver Spring neighborhood. The attend to has the adhering to coordinates: 38.99743,-77.0291052. The expense of renting a two-bedroom unit in the ZIP password 20910 is 50% above the national average at $2,090. That may expense you $1,765 every month to rent a two-bedroom dwelling in Montgomery County, claims HUD. Comcast offers the fastest internet easily accessible at this location.

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