Cheat Codes

While playing the game, push F1 crucial to display the consingle home window. Then, kind among the complying with codes and press to activate the matching cwarmth attribute. To list all the COMMANDs you have the right to usage, open the consingle in-game and kind in help.

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debugmenu – Toggles Debug Mode on or off. This permits God mode (G key), the debug menu (ESC), and various other distinctive functionality.

creativefood selection – Enables or disables the Creative Menu.

giveselfxp – Increase your endure by

giveselfskillxp – Increase the stated skill by of experience. The MUST be capitalized and spaced correctly.

For Example: giveselfskillxp Mining Tools 1000

spawnairdrop – Spawns an air drop.

spawnscouts – Spawns a complete zombie horde (consisting of a number of Screamers) in the distance and also makes it navigate towards the area wright here the command was used.

spawnsupplycprice – Spawns a supply cprice above the player.

starve – Makes the player hungry.

Console Commands

Consingle mode is a debugging tool, including a vast selection of usability to the game.

The tilde (~) vital by default toggles the consingle display open up and closed. A few of these regulates can be used via the server manage panel.

Note: Codes are instance sensitive; “a” is not the exact same as “A”. Shortcuts are just 2 letters and deserve to be supplied in location of the command. Command also disagreements in are optional, while commands in are not.

Command / Shortreduced / Effect

settime <#> st – Sets the current people time.

gameover go – Ends a round/match in deathmatch/horde mode.

toggle_blood_off NA – Toggles the blood off.

toggle_blood_on NA – Toggles the blood on.

debugfood selection dm – Toggles debug menu (for developers)

spawnentity se – Ability to generate entities near a player.

Example: “se 1807 20” player-id = 0 if you are alone.

kick NA – Disconnects a player from the server.

ban NA – Permanently disconnects a player from the server.

listents le – Lists entities.

listplayers lp – Lists players.

enablescopes on/off es – Toggles on/off debug scopes.

listthreads lt – Lists threads.

setgamepre sg – Sets a game choice.

chunkcache cc – Shows all presently loaded chunks in the cache.

showchunkinformation sc – Displays information for current chunk.

(*) Hour notation is military time * 1000 (1000 = 1 hour).eg. 0 = Day 1, 16h; 8000 = Day 2, 00h; 16000 = Day 2, 8h; 24000 = Day 2, 12h

Change to day (Day 1, 8am): “st 16000”View the >: “lp”

Cwarmth Mode

Cheat Mode is an alternative found in the game settings on the Continue Video Game or Start New Game screen and also is located under the Misc tab. It enables you to control whether players will have actually access to the Creative Menu in game. If permitted, players will have the ability to choose and place any item accessible from the Creative Menu.

1. In order to open the Creative Menu press the U vital.

2. To enable and disable God mode press the Q vital.

3. To permit and also disable Flying press the H vital. While Flying, push Space to go up and C to go dvery own. You can fly much faster by pushing and also holding Change.

4. Fly Setting hasn’t been made a part of console, just COMPUTER just at the moment.

Other Commands

admin = Manage user permission levelsaiddebug = Toggles AIDirector debug = Watch audio statsban = Manage ban entriesbuff = Applies a buff to the local playerchunkcache cc = reflects all loaded chunks in cachecommandpermission cp = Manage command permission levelscreativemenu cm = enables/disables the creativemenuDeathDisplay = Display DeathScreendebuff = Removes a buff from the neighborhood playerdebugfood selection dm = enables/disables the debugmenudebugweather = Dumps inner weather state to the console.enablescope es = toggle debug scopeworn down = Makes the player exhausted.getgamepref gg = Gets a game preferencegettime gt = Get the current game timegivesearch = usage: givepursuit questnamegiveself = usage: provide itemName qualityLevel (default top quality is 600)giveselfskillxp = usage: giveselfskillxp Mining Tools 10000giveselfxp = usage: giveselfxp 10000aid = Aid on console and particular commandskick = Kicks user through optional factor. “kick playername reason”kickall = Kicks all customers through optional reason. “kickall reason”kill = Kill a offered entitykillall = Kill all playerslgo listgameobjects = List all active game objectslistents le = lists all entitieslistplayerids lpi = Lists all players with their IDs for ingame commandslistplayers lp = lists all playerslistthreads lt = lists all threadsloggamestate lgs = Log the existing state of the gameloglevel = Telnet/Web only: Select which forms of log messeras are shownmem = Prints memory indevelopment and calls garbage collectormemcl = Prints memory indevelopment on client and calls garbage collectorocv = Occlusion Viewpplist = Lists all PersistentPlayer dataremovesearch = usage: removesearch questnamesaveworld sa = Saves the world manually.say = Sends a message to all linked clientssetgamepref sg = sets a game prefsettempunit stu = Set the current temperature units.settime st = Set the present game timeshowalbeperform albeperform = enables/disables display of albeexecute in gBuffershowchunkdata sc = shows some day of the present chunkshowClouds = Artist command to show one layer of clouds.shownexthordetime = Displays the wandering horde timeshownormals norms = enables/disables display screen of normal maps in gBuffershowspecular spec = enables/disables display screen of specular values in gBuffershutdown = shuts down the gamesounddebug = Toggles SoundManager debug output.spawnairdrop = Spawns an air dropspawnentity se = spawns an entitySpawnScreen = Display SpawnScreenspawnsupplycprice = Spawns a supply cprice wbelow the player isspawnwanderinghorde = Spawns a wandering horde of zombiesstarve = Makes the player starve.switchwatch sv = Switch between fpv and tpvthirsty = Makes the player thirsty.updatelighton = Cmds for UpdateLightOnAllMaterials and also UpdateLightOnPlayersvariation = Get the presently running variation of the game and loaded modsweather = Control weather settingsweathersurvival = Enables/disables weather survivalwhitelist = Manage whitelist entries

Details Part #1

This is a list of the regulates through detailed aid. For many commands it adds nothing, for some much less than the original summary.

Command: adminSet/obtain user permission levels. A level of 0 is maximum permission, users without an explicitly collection permission have a permission level of 1000.

Usage:admin include admin rerelocate admin list

To usage the add/remove sub commands through a name or entity id the player hregarding be online, the variant via steam id have the right to be offered for currently offline customers also.

Command: aiddebugNo comprehensive help easily accessible.Description: Toggles AIDirector debug output.

Command: audioJust kind audio and also hit enter for the information.

Command: banSet/obtain ban entries. Bans will be automatically lifted after the offered time.

Usage:ban add ban rerelocate ban list

To use the add/remove sub regulates via a name or entity id the player has to be virtual, the variant via vapor id have the right to be provided for presently offline customers as well.

Duration unit is a modifier to the duration which specifies if in what unit the duration is offered.

Valid units:minute(s), hour(s), day(s), week(s), month(s), year(s)Example: ban include madmole 2 minutes “Time for a break”

Command: buffNo in-depth assist accessible.Description: Applies a buff to the local player

Command: chunkcacheNo in-depth aid obtainable.Description: shows all loaded chunks in cache

Command: commandpermissionSet/obtain permission levels forced to execute a offered command. Default level compelled for regulates that are not clearly stated is 0.

Usage:cp add cp remove cp list

Command: creativemenuNo comprehensive assist easily accessible.Description: enables/disables the creativemenu

Command: deathscreenDeathDisplay on/off

Command: debuffNo detailed aid obtainable.Description: Removes a buff from the neighborhood player

Command: debugmenuNo thorough help accessible.Description: enables/disables the debugmenu

Command: debugweatherNo comprehensive assist available.Description: Dumps internal weather state to the console.

Command: enablescopeNo thorough assist available.Description: toggle debug scope

Command: exhaustedNo in-depth aid easily accessible.Description: Makes the player tired.

Command: getgameprefNo thorough aid obtainable.Description: Gets a game preference

Details Part #2

Command: giveselfNo comprehensive help available.Usage: offer itemName qualityLevel (default quality is 600)

Command: giveselfxpNo detailed aid easily accessible.Description: usage: giveselfxp 10000

Command: helpType “help” for an introduction or “help ” for detailed indevelopment around a certain command or topic.

Command: kickNo thorough assist easily accessible.Description: Kicks user via optional factor. “kick playername reason”

Command: kickallNo detailed aid accessible.Description: Kicks all users via optional factor. “kickall reason”

Command: killKill a provided entity.

Usage:1. kill 2. kill 1. can be provided to kill any type of entity that can be eliminated (zombies, players).2. have the right to only be used to kill players.

Command: killallKill all players

Command: lgoNo in-depth aid available.Description: List all energetic game objects

Command: loglevelSelect which forms of log messperiods are presented on the connection you enter this command. By default all log messperiods are printed on eincredibly link.

Usage: loglevel Log levels: INF, WRN, ERR, EXC or ALLExample: Disable display screen of WRN messages: loglevel WRN false

Command: memNo detailed assist easily accessible.Description: Prints memory information and also calls garbage collector

Command: memclNo thorough help obtainable.Description: Prints memory indevelopment on client and also calls garbage collector

Command: ocvon/off

Command: pplistNo detailed aid available.Description: Lists all PersistentPlayer data

Command: removequestNo comprehensive assist accessible.Description: usage: removesearch questname

*** Command: savecivilization ***No in-depth assist accessible.Description: Saves the people manually.

Command: sayNo comprehensive assist obtainable.Description: Sends a message to all linked clients

Command: setgameprefNo detailed aid easily accessible.Description: sets a game pref

Command: settempunitSet the existing temperature systems.

Usage:1. settempunit F2. settempunit C1. sets the temperature unit to Fahrenheit.2. sets the temperature unit to Celsius.

Command: settimeSet the current game time.

Usage:1. settime day2. settime night3. settime 4. settime 1. sets the time to day 1, 16:00.2. sets the time to day 2, 5:00.3. sets the time to the offered value. 1000 is one hour.4. sets the moment to the offered day/hour/minute values.

Command: showalbedoNo in-depth help obtainable.Description: enables/disables screen of albecarry out in gBuffer

Command: showchunkdataNo comprehensive help accessible.Description: reflects some date of the current chunk

Command: showcloudsform “showClouds myCloudTexture” wbelow “myCloudTexture” is the name of the texture you want to see.kind “showClouds” to revolve off this watch.Note: cloud textures MUST be locasted at ./resources/textures/environment/spectrums/default

Command: shownexthordetimeNo comprehensive help easily accessible.Description: Displays the wandering horde time

Command: shownormalsNo thorough help available.Description: enables/disables display screen of normal maps in gBuffer

Command: showspecularNo thorough assist easily accessible.Description: enables/disables display of specular values in gBuffer

Command: shutdownNo thorough assist available.Description: shuts down the game

Command: sounddebugNo thorough aid accessible.Description: Toggles SoundManager debug output.

Command: spawnairdropNo comprehensive help accessible.Description: Spawns an air drop

Command: spawnentityNo thorough help accessible.Description: spawns an entity

Command: spawnscreenSpawnDisplay on/off

Command: spawnsupplycrateNo detailed help available.Description: Spawns a supply cprice wbelow the player is

Command: spawnwanderinghordeNo detailed assist accessible.Description: Spawns a wandering horde of zombies

Command: starveNo in-depth assist available.Description: Makes the player starve.

Command: switchviewNo comprehensive aid easily accessible.Description: Switch in between fpv and also tpv

Command: thirstyNo detailed aid easily accessible.Description: Makes the player thirsty.

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Command: updatelightonCommands for UpdateLightOnAllMaterials and UpdateLightOnPlayers

Command: versionNo in-depth help easily accessible.Description: Get the presently running variation of the game and loaded mods

Command: weathernormalizeSnowFall <0..1>Rain <0..1>Wet <0..1>Snow <0..1>Clouds <0..1>Temp <-9999..9999>Fog <0..1>DefaultSnowFallDefaultRainDefaultWetDefaultSnowDefaultCloudsDefaultTempDefaultFogDefaults

Command: weathersurvivalNo comprehensive assist accessible.Description: Enables/disables weather survival

Command: whitelistSet/acquire whitelist entries. Note: If tright here is at leastern one enattempt on the list no user who is not on this list will certainly be able to join the server!

Usage:whitelist add whitelist rerelocate whitelist list

To usage the add/rerelocate sub regulates with a name or entity id the player hregarding be virtual, the variant with vapor id have the right to be supplied for currently offline users as well.