This page gives details on UPS client Center, located at 6001 E 8th Ave, Hialeah, FL 33013, USA.

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Place Name UPS Customer facility
Average Rating 2.7
Place Address 6001 E 8 hours AveHialeahFL 33013USA
Vicinity 6001 east 8th Avenue, Hialeah
Phone Number (800) 742-5877
International Phone +1 800-742-5877
Place Type point_of_interest, establishment
Opening Hours Monday: 8:30 am – 7:30 PMTuesday: 8:30 to be – 7:30 PMWednesday: 8:30 to be – 7:30 PMThursday: 8:30 am – 7:30 PMFriday: 8:30 am – 7:30 PMSaturday: ClosedSunday: closed

Location Information

Full Address 6001 E 8 hours Ave, Hialeah, FL 33013, USA
Street Number 6001
Route eastern 8th avenue (E 8th Ave)
Locality Hialeah
Administrative Area Level 2 Miami-Dade county
Administrative Area Level 1 Florida (FL)
Country United says (US)
Postal Code 33013
Type point_of_interest, establishment
Latitude 25.8748873
Longitude 25.8748873
Geo Location (25.8748873, -80.2638998)


★☆☆☆☆ Cicin gold

Was house all day waiting for mine package. Not just the delivery man didn’t come right into my complicated but lied around doing so. No yellow slip to be left in ~ my door yet somehow the digital update states they test to supply my package yet no one to be home. Mind you this is a fit for a groom to get married on Sunday. Many thanks to them i’m going to it is in the worst wedding planner ever! ns hope the Groom accepts my critical minute purchase. UPS sucks! If I might I wouldn’t provide you guys any star. This company doesn’t worthy that lot star.


★☆☆☆☆ Ryan Pinagel

ns don"t understand exactly how these guys run for this reason horribly. Us arrange for a shipment to arrive overnight to an office. Throughout OPEN hours, with people walking in and out freely. The UPS distribution guy doesn"t even shot to supply the package. Simply leaves a "missed you" notice. Of course the direct number for Hialeah directs right to the Philippines who, in thier maintain , don"t even know what the dispatch office is.


★☆☆☆☆ SK young name

vehicle drivers are stealing packages, producing false tracking updates, and giving false details to protect against delivery. Hialeah UPS is extremely incompetent and also a steals.


★☆☆☆☆ advantages & flaw

prior to you action foot through those doors simply know the you will certainly be exposing yourselves to high levels of ignorance. I can"t know why UPS can be for this reason nefarious to their own clients after analysis these reviews. So much I"ve read about: 1)Drivers not leaving an information notice, 2)Clients at home and the employee steering off, 3) Customer company rep having a fit once the client complains since they didnt gain their packages. You would think something has actually been excellent to deal with the situation yet nothing-nada. Its together if they"re stop on to this an adverse conduct and it sits circumjacent to your employee at all times. Ever tried make a phone call to them? i did and I have the right to vouch that Its prefer sitting in one elevator the refuses come move, or open up its doors. I feel the the customer company representatives only care about collecting a salary check and sending you with an onslaught of representatives that have no clue what is walking on and you occur to it is in on the phone grounding in a loop hole v no one to help. They refuse come ask top questions, other that"s well recognize in the customer company community to help fix the problem that you"re facing and rather send you off to another department. This ar is an extremely confusing.


★☆☆☆☆ dania sainvil

Worst delivery company in the entire world. Delivery drivers nothing even involved your house and also stated lock left one invoice an alert receiver to be not available when I"m house waiting because that the package. I have actually been taking care of this lazy driver since May the this year. I don"t choose to walk the save I quite order online yet this driver is the only one the doesn"t know just how to read or follow directions. Ns wish brand-new York & agency and JCPENNEY can use FedEx rather of UPS.

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