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Just as the title says. I have no oil pressure at idle. But if I speed the truck up to around 1k rpm it has normal oil pressure. If the truck sits for a minute it takes a min to start when it does it will run for a second and cut off. But when it starts if I give it a little throttle it will stay running and then run fine but I still don"t have oil pressure when it idles all the way down. Now after I shut the truck off if I start it right back up it will stay running without me having to give it any throttle... So what do you guys think it could be? I"m taking it back to the dealership tomorrow where I just had arp studs put in and new oem HG. But I would like to know what you guys think. ThanksAustin
You probably have a weak low pressure pump or regulator altho fords dash gauge is not agood indicator since it only takes 7 psi for the gauge to show full pressure.

Well I was thinking the low pressure oil pump was bad myself. But I was also thinking something else is causing a restriction not letting it get normal oil pressure. Anything special you can think of that it could be causing it...?

There is a situation that can happen when a person switches to an after market filter and cap (such as a Wix) which is a longer filter and comes with its own cap. The next oil change they go back to a motorcraft and use the same cap cause they had threw the other away.The cap holds the filter down and keeps the drain valve closed normally. Since the aftermarket cap is taller it no longer holds the filter in place and it can float up allowing part of the oil in the houseing to dain off to the pan, reduceing oil flow and pressure.The same thing can happen if the plastic button (filter bypass valve) comes out of the plastic center pipe or the pipe breaks same thing.

Well they put a new sending unit in today and that didn"t fix it. But the truck has never had anything motorcraft everything in it. All of the work is being done by bartow Ford. They said they are going to check some check valve inside the motor cuz they think its sticky and restricting flow so at idle the pump can"t keep up. And if that"s not it they will put a new oil pump in it. But I don"t care as long as they fix it. But best of all its on their dime cuz its all warranty work. Plus they always give me a free rental. I"m driving a 2012 f150 with the 302 in it. Crew cab 4x4 cuz I always tell them I bought a big truck to pull my boat and cuz I don"t like cars so don"t try and put me in one. lolSent from my PC36100 using App

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Well I was gonna say the ones posted above were what I was thinking but idk now. Let us know what ferd says.iPhone
2014 F250 CCSB 4wdLSP Chapter DirectorLSP Group Threads totally serious answer to this is...:dunno:Im thinking oil pump or something is clogging the passage ways when they did your HG install... They obviously touched the oil supply system while doing that work:hmm:Just gonna throw this out their and people can yell at me that this is not the answer lol....Here goes... have you tried looking at the screen on the IPR valve going into the HPOP???
Mine just started the EXACT same thing. Rode home fine. Went to start warm, and extra extra long crank. I noticed the "check gauge" light on, and no oil pressure. Heading to the shop tomorrow.
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Well I might know something tomorrow hopefully. We will see though. If not maybe on Monday. The best part is I don"t have to pay for it and I get to drive a new cc f150 with the 5.0 and I raced my dads 6.0 today and smoked him. He doesn"t have a programmer though
So it looks like I won"t have my truck until Monday but it got approved and he has started to put a new LPOP in it.
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yeah when it would idle it would go all the way down and when you sped it up to about 1k rpm it would go to normal. They said the gauge was functioning correctly. So YAY! a win for the stock gauge finally lol
The early style HPOP (03-Early 04) has a steel ball in the side of it to block off a drilled passage.Some times it pops out but it"s usually associated with a long crank and no pressure at idle.What year is it?
Here is a pic of it:It"s in between the two bolt holes.This is where the reservoir oil is going into the pump, the low pressure side of the pump.When the ball pops out there isn"t enough volume at Idle to build pressure with the leak.There is enough oil present to feed the pump however.BWD 37505 - Diesel Injection High Pressure Oil Pump | O"Reilly Auto Parts
Well they thought that steel ball check valve was the issue and they said it was okay. But like I said they told me yesterday afternoon that they were starting to put a new oil pump in it.

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2014 F250 CCSB 4wdLSP Chapter DirectorLSP Group Threads
Are you asking me? Cuz I told you they are replacing the LPOP but they did say there was a steel ball check valve they looked at that after the replacing the sending unit.
Well the one guy made a mistake talking on the phone he wasn"t the one who was taking care of it so he didn"t know but it turns out it was the HPOP it"s all fixed and ready to go. Yes! Thank God I"m going to pick up my baby!
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