ive seen a many talk that 5G wifi is dangerous for health yet i havent had actually the time to see if its just fearmongering or what part of the is true

does anyone know any actual reasearch ~ above its impacts of health?

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From an additional comment that mine top top a similar question:

So an initial of all, you should recognize what 5G yes, really means. Moving data relationships use radio waves and also microwaves - points that have been in extensive use for a very, an extremely long time. 4G provides a microwaves native 2GHz come 6GHz, when 5G offers radio waves and microwaves native 300MHz come 3GHz and from 30GHz come 300GHz.

Here's a diagram that I absolutely didn't develop by using paint to draw on a photo I uncovered on google. Together you can (sorta) watch from the diagram, 4G offers only a very narrow section of the electromagnetic spectrum, when 5G supplies a lot bigger section.

The 300MHz to 3GHz variety is supplied for GPS, TV broadcasting, Wifi, cordless phones, and also Bluetooth - things that have been around for a while and also have been extensively researched. The 30GHz to 300GHz selection is provided for telecommunications (such as radio), radio astronomy, and also radar firearms - also things that have existed because that a while and are well researched. If your involves are about the specific frequencies used by 5G, you deserve to take lull in the understanding that those frequencies have already been used for communications for decades. 5G isn't act anything new, really, it's simply using frequencies that haven't been used by cell phones before, and also it's using a bigger selection of frequencies for this reason you have the right to send more data on it and also have more phones using it from the very same tower at once. Resource 1. Resource 2

Also, as my diagram shows - there are no proven cancer risks (or even ones with significant evidence) connected with radio waves, microwaves, infrared light, or any kind of electromagnetic radiation v less energy than visible light. This lies in the means that high-energy ionizing radiation reasons cancer - ultraviolet light, x-rays, and gamma rays carry a ton of energy with every photon, sufficient that if they struggle an electron they deserve to knock it turn off of that is atom. This will screw up any type of chemical binding the atom has. When it wake up to the atom in DNA, it have the right to sometimes damages the DNA in together a way that it reasons cancer. However, this is a residential property exclusive come ultraviolet light, x-rays, and also gamma rays. Clearly shows light, infrared light, microwaves, and also radio waves execute not have actually enough power to hit electrons off of your atoms, therefore they can't directly damage DNA. Sources: cancer.org, wikipedia, nationwide Cancer Institute

The write-up I just connected mentions a really inconclusive examine that mirroring that male rats (but no female rats or mice of either sex) have actually a slightly enhanced risk of specific cancers if they room exposed come a far-reaching amount that radio waves because that multiple years. However, the examine was much from conclusive, did no show any kind of signs of hazard to humans, and had a few extra reasons to no be concerned: the masculine rats that gained exposed to radio waves lived longer than the ones who didn't (despite their enhanced cancer rates), the frequency bands offered in the experiment are no longer used generally in cabinet phones, and the sample dimension was really small (meaning that they didn't test an extremely many rats.

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Generally, a smaller sample size way less precise results). Sources: cancer.org, the-scientist.com