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515 Broadway is a clinical marijuana dispensary that holds their employee to high standards. Each 515 Broadway team member is trained and educated come answer any type of patient questions and also is required to happen a test. This friendly employee strives to provide superior customer service and also work to personalize every patient experience.

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The 515 Broadway Family jointly has two decades of background and suffer supporting the ideal to choose natural healing therapies with medicinal cannabis. Due to the fact that the Compassionate usage Act to be enacted in 1996, the founders of the collective have operated hard to administer safe accessibility to different medicine come enrich their ar with wealth of compassion. Medicine cannabis has actually been the head of not only compassion however has directly influenced those benefiting indigenous the donations and sponsorships the the Founders sustained through their not-for-profit efforts.

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Deals and Discounts

Call or visit 515 Broadway this particular day to check out what deals and also specials they have going on because that the week.


Come and meet the 515 Broadway Family and experience the difference.

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515 Broadway collective Dispensary

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515 Broadway collective Dispensary Information

515 Broadway cumulative dispensary is a verified legal California marijuana sleeve storefront company with a valid license to market retail cannabis products. 515 Broadway cumulative has organization operations in the city of Sacramento, CA and serves the surrounding cities that Sacramento County. 515 Broadway cumulative dispensary to be issued storefront license C10-0000493-LIC to offer cannabis commodities to client at the storefront company location. 515 Broadway collective dispensary has a confirmed licensed physical storefront place at 515 Broadway Sacramento, CA 95818 whereby commercial cannabis activities are practiced. You deserve to visit this legit Sacramento dispensary save in human being at this address.

As a California licensed cannabis dispensary, 515 Broadway collective will only carry out legal marijuana sales throughout open organization hours. Please evaluation 515 Broadway Collective"s hours of operation over or check their website for the many updated information. Many importantly, 515 Broadway collective storefront and also retail to work are completely secured and under video surveillance at all times.

515 Broadway cumulative Dispensary client Guidelines

Make sure to bring your legit ID. All 515 Broadway cumulative dispensary customers must carry out a valid proof the identification and also only civilization 21 year of age or older may get in the save unless they room a medical patient. Clinical patients 18 year of age or older v a valid physician"s recommendation may also access the dispensary. However, since some dispensaries are Recreational and/or Medical, please speak to ahead or inspect the dispensary"s website for the many accurate information.

515 Broadway Collective"s employees verify the age and valid proof of identification of all customers before letting lock in the dispensary. Generally, no client may get in the 515 Broadway collective dispensary to work back-office area unless they have actually a company reason to execute so and also are at the very least 21 years of age.

Legal California Marijuana save Sales

Generally, you will discover only marijuana commodities at this dispensary. As a California licensed cannabis retailer, 515 Broadway collective dispensary might only sell and also deliver cannabis and also marijuana products, marijuana accessories, and branded was or promotion materials. Furthermore, 515 Broadway cumulative will just receive marijuana commodities for revenue from a California licensed three distributor. Every marijuana products offered for sale and also delivery need to comply through all State marijuana packaging and also labeling requirements. Special, like many businesses through perishable goods, 515 Broadway cumulative is not enabled to sell assets to consumer that room expired. See the 515 Broadway collective menu for present products available for sale.

515 Broadway collective Dispensary Return Policy

515 Broadway collective storefront may or may not accept customer returns. Many States execute not permit resell of went back marijuana products. For most businesses, there is a no-return policy on all flower, and also customers can only return defective cartridges. Special, you may only have a particular amount the days come return a cartridge in its original packaging and label. Usually, contaminated commodities can it is in returned however require approval native a manager or owner. Please inspect the dispensary website or call (844) 722-9333 to acquire the many up to date information. Additionally, many customer return are ruined or, if defective, returned to the California licensed three distributor native which they to be sourced.

Marijuana Product package Specifications

515 Broadway collective dispensary will not accept, possess, or market marijuana commodities that room not already packaged for last sale come a consumer. Many dispensaries with only a retailer license will certainly not take care of raw marijuana flowers or concentrates nor package or label any type of cannabis goods. All marijuana commodities purchased or ceded to consumers leave the retail storefront in a sealed and safe package. Most 515 Broadway collective marijuana commodities will either be in an individual child-resistant package or in a child-resistant departure package through all to buy products. Expect all 515 Broadway cumulative marijuana packaging to it is in resealable, tamper-evident, and child resistant unless the product is immature marijuana plants and seeds.

Record maintaining Requirements

As a legitimate marijuana retailer, 515 Broadway collective dispensary maintains gaue won records, personnel records, maintain records, contracts, permits, protection records, destruction records, product tracking data, and an exact record of all marijuana product sales. Relying on the State, generally they will hold these records for approximately 7 years. Many importantly, all documents are confidential but must be made accessible to the California three acting government body upon request.

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