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Industrial home For Sale

4750 Nome Street actions 39,319 square feet and is 100% leased by two (2) tenants with staggered lease terms. The residential property is well located in the Northeast Submarket with easy access to I-70 via Peoria Street. The building has been completely renovated with high quality finishes and also is being available for revenue individually or as component of a multiple structure package.

4750 Nome StreetDenver, Colorado

Major Tenant Information

Tenant SF occupied Lease Expires
Tenant A 20,183 January 2013
Tenant B 19,136 February 2015


repertoire Street cross Street traffic Volume Year distance
E 47th Ave Nome St 6,368 2018 0.07 mi
E 47th Ave Paris St 15,375 2018 0.24 mi
E 47th Ave Paris St 15,910 2015 0.24 mi
Peoria St E andrew Dr 19,599 2018 0.32 mi
Peoria St E 46th Ave 42,042 2016 0.36 mi
Peoria St E 46th Ave 35,456 2018 0.36 mi
Andrews Dr Quari St 4,585 2014 0.38 mi
Peoria St E 49th Ave 17,183 2014 0.40 mi
Andrews Dr Quentin St 4,809 2018 0.42 mi
Albrook Dr Tulsa Ct 12,483 2018 0.43 mi


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