Your Jeep cool Cherokee‘s radiator fan has actually one of the most vital jobs ~ above the vehicle. It is the last heat of defense in between you and an overheating engine. If the radiator pan is no working, it’s a major problem.

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Just since the radiator fan is no on does not median that it is not working. They room designed to just run once needed. If your cool Cherokee is running hot, and the fan is not running we’ve laid out the most common reasons of this concern below.


Jeep grand Cherokee Radiator fan Not working Causes

There room a couple of simple factors that the fan would certainly not it is in cycling on. Return the fan itself have the right to go bad, that’s certainly not the ar to begin a diagnosis.

Here space the most typical reasons that your radiator fan does not rotate on:

Before poking your hands roughly your fan, make certain to treat itlike it still might come on, and and store your hands the end of the path.


The an initial thing the you would desire to do is locate the fuse because that your grand Cherokee’s radiator fan and make certain that the hasn’t blown. If it is blown, instead of the fuse will only solve the difficulty for a very restricted period of time. Unless the wiring problem is fixed, the fuse will blow again.

The wiring harness itself can go bad. Your writer has personally had actually a shredded tire totally pull the fan wiring the end of his vehicle. It have the right to happen. The fan wiring is few of the an ext vulnerable wiring in your cool Cherokee.

You deserve to test the voltage going indigenous the pan relay to the pan itself. If it is getting 12+ volts, the fan need to be coming on. However if it’s not, which way the fan has actually gone bad.

This video from Ratchets and Wrenches is a phenomenal resource on how to appropriately diagnose a wiring problem.

Engine Temp Sensor

Your engine temperature sensor is responsible because that relaying your engine temp to the ECU. Once the temp gets so hot, the ECU commands the radiator pan to come on. If your cool Cherokee has actually a poor engine temp sensor the radiator fan won’t understand to come on, due to the fact that the ECU won’t recognize how hot the engine is.

You’ll need to locate and also test the engine temp sensor. Depending on the version year and engine, the ar varies. If it does become this sensor, they are really affordable.

Low Coolant


If the engine coolant level isn’t high sufficient to keep press in the engine it will certainly run hot. But, over there won’t be sufficient coolant to with the temperature sensor. There is no the coolant hitting the sensor, the temp reading will be significantly lower 보다 the actual engine temp. Your grand Cherokee’s radiator fan will not kick on.

If friend do have actually low coolant, don’t fill it up till the engine has cooled off. Including coolant to a radiator dry sufficient not to cause the engine temp sensor can cause problems from drastic temperature change. Let that cool down first.

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Fan Clutch

Like any type of other clutch, a fan clutch will wear out over time. If everything else seems on the up and up, the springs in the fan clutch have actually worn past the suggest of proper role and have the right to no much longer do your job.


There are plenty of reasons why her Jeep grand Cherokee’s radiator pan is not working. Of all the ones listed above, begin with the coolant level, then inspect the fuse. ~ that, the stimulate isn’t so important. But, friend don’t desire to miss out on the simple fixes prior to you start trial and error wiring.

If over there is anything that you would prefer to add, please leave a comment below. Great luck!!