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2010 Silverado 1500 5.3L Z71 Rough Counattempt Leveling Kit
Have the codes review to watch what codes are current. Many auto parts stores should be able to review them.


My 99 is doing the same thing. and also I have readjusted all the sensors and also wheel hub bearings and also still they both are still on!!!not sure what the next step to take next :?:
Suitable diagnosis, also paying for diagnosis at a shop is 9 times out of 10 cheaper than throwing a bunch of components at a automobile guessing if its not a easy deal with. Tech 2 scanner will show wheel rate for each wheel and also review abs codes. It could be a solenoid in the abs block, wiring, hub assemblies, voltage supply trouble, low on brake fluid, brake liquid level sensor, and on and on and on. Need more information and also codes listed
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Mine is doing that currently, however its the wheel sensors, and the light stays on bereason I pulled the abs fusage, because I drove choose that for a while and also as I slowed dvery own the abs would certainly kick in and also not let me speak. Hope this helps
I likewise have actually a 2001 1500 through both abs and also brake lights coming on after 1/4 mile or so driving. Took it in to GM dealer for diagnosis. ABS module is poor, $1481 to relocation via brand-new one, 1 yr parts and also labor. Was told by business writer that tbelow is an option. They (GM) could rerelocate module and also sfinish it off to be rebuilt, around $500 less, 5 yr parts- no labor, truck would be inoperable for about a week. Seeing as I have not noticed any type of various other issues ie- abs engaging sporadically, and also I"ve been driving it with the lights on for over a month, that"s a repair on the "things I"d choose to have done" list.
I have actually been enduring the very same problem through the 2 lights coming on intermittently. If they come on as soon as you start it and also not relocating then possibilities are it"s code c0550 which is a negative ebcm. Tright here is a tsb for some years calling for an update but a lot of don"t. You have the right to buy a remanned unit for a couple of hundred yet you will must uncover out what one you have actually as there are 3 kinds. I"m unlucky as mine is unavailable
Thanks men for all the input I traded my old truck in for a 2010 1/2 TON Silveracarry was time for a upgrade

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