Open for every services: glasses exam, call lenses, frame selection & dried Eye Spa treatments. Confront masks required.Please read listed below for more details.

California has re-opened increase the state as of June 15th, i beg your pardon is fantastic!

CDC has announced that those vaccinated have the right to resume to tasks prior come COVID-19 without a mask. The is interesting news to understand that the life before the pandemic deserve to return ago to existence again.

These new CDC guidelines, however, perform not use to health care settings. Our current safety protocols will continue to be until more notice.

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Together, we have all functioned to store everyone safe and also healthy in ours office. Currently is not the moment to be sure on these safety and security protocols. Once you room in ours office, please continue to wear a challenge covering (even if you have been vaccinated), society distancing and hand washing.

We have actually remained diligent and are adhering to county, state guidance and also CDC guidelines. We space using a UV eyeglass frame (frame) sanitation station that will certainly kill every germs in ~ 15 minutes and can clean 40 frames at a time. Remainder assured, our frames are cleaned after they are in contact with anyone. We are still utilizing a disinfectant fogger every morning, performing temperature checks, sanitizing between all of our patients, and also providing a safe atmosphere for our 20/20 team and for ours patients. Our employee is acquiring the rapid antibody experimentation monthly and also we room pleased the we are COVID-19 negative. Our 20/20 team the doctors and staff are additionally vaccinated.

~ 20/20 Optometry the Silicon Valley


Our hours of operation will remain the very same from currently until the finish of the year.

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Hours that Operation

Mon, Tues, Thurs: 10:00am – 7:00pm

Wed, Friday: 10:00am – 5:00pm

Weekends: Closed

Closed: 1:00 -2:00 for lunch

All of our services are available:

- Glasses update in prescription

- computer glasses evaluation

- contact renewal and new contact lens fitting

- dried Eye evaluation and Dry Eye Spa services

- Frame choice and repair

- medical exam for eye infection, allergies, or eye disease

- call lens fitting and training services

- fitting of specialty contacts, bifocals, keratoconus, or irregular shaped eyes

Contactless services Available

For contact lens patients: cost-free direct shipping (2 crate minimum order) to your residence on most disposable call lensesPhone/Virtual at home medical consultationCurbside Pick-upVirtual frame an option

With the street learning and working from home, the digital eye strain has increased substantially. The decreased blinking and continuous staring in ~ the screen can certainly cause dryness that the eyes. If friend are having actually trouble v dryness, don"t forget to schedule a consultation for dry eye review with our doctors.

Reducing Eye stress, overload From Blue Light

During this time both children and adults space using digital devices more often with distanced learning and also working native home. Blue light is emitted indigenous digital devices, i m sorry can reason eye fatigue, dried eyes, headaches, and more. Blue irradiate glasses can assist reduce her digital eye strain. Click here to find out more!

All patients must:

Wear confront covering to receive services in ~ our office

If patience does no have any type of face coverings, we market them for acquisition

Agree to acquire their temperature confirm via infrared thermometer

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As a community, we will certainly all proceed to work-related together to continue to be safe and also healthy. Say thanks to you for her cooperation!