Ella's Bubbles and also BOCA Walk-in Tubs
Walk-in bathtub are comparable to continuous tubs, however they have seats and doors that allow you to enter and exit without stepping end a wall. Two-person walk-in tubs, likewise called companion tubs, are slightly larger, providing space for more than one person. These tubs are right for older adults who desire to have more room because that bathing, couples who reap bathing together and also people with minimal mobility that need assistance cleaning themselves.

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What are the best 2-person walk-in tubs?

In stimulate to determine our optimal picks because that two-person walk-in tubs, we started by cataloging walk-in tub manufacturers that develop two-person or companion-style tubs. From that list, we compared them based upon their:

PricingSafety featuresComfort featuresWarranties

Our last picks had to have integrated or optional safety and security features, integrated or optional comfort features and a transparent guarantee statement online.

Our pick for capacity: Ella’s BIG4TWO walk-in tub

Ella’s Bubbles uses a few different varieties of two-person tubs, including simple and luxury models. Numerous of that walk-in tubs have actually a glossy acrylic shell, upscale faucets and also a frosted glass door for added privacy.

LogoPricing starts in ~ $5,400Fast-drain an innovation and slip-resistant flooringTherapy jets and heated seats145-gallon capacityProfessional surroundings recommended
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Ella’s largest companion walk-in bath tub is the BIG4TWO model, which procedures 36 inches broad by 80 inches long. The bath tub has a centered, outward-swinging door and double drains, which can empty your bath tub in minutes. It come equipped through both hydro and also air jets and a integrated 360-degree swivel tray. This walk-in tub also has actually an individually operated foot massage bath tub with 4 hydro jets.

With the BIG4TWO, you have the alternative of adding a variety of extra features, choose a complete shower kit, digital controls, a heated seat and a headrest. MicroBubble Therapy and Chromatherapy LED are available to carry out a relaxing and also therapeutic environment.

Our pick for features: ARIEL Bt-150150 Bathtub

ARIEL’s two-person tubs are designed because that relaxation, with hydro-massage features and a built-in speaker system. Its whirlpool tubs because that two space all triangular and also made that fiberglass-backed acrylic.

LogoPrices range from $1,799 come $4,300 there is no installationOptional grab bars and also anti-scald faucetsLED chromatherapy and also a integrated sound systemSatisfaction guarantee and a 30-day return periodProfessional installation recommended
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The ARIEL Bt-150150 tub offers a spa-like experience. It"s triangular to better fit in the edge of her bathroom and also measures 60 inches vast by 60 inches long. The bathtub is created of fiberglass-backed acrylic, making that durable and easy come clean.

The Bt-150150 has actually LED chromotherapy lighting and also 14 massage jets (six flexible water jets and also eight air balloon jets). Friend can additionally listen to music while you soak; the tub comes equipped with built-in speakers, an FM radio and also Bluetooth connectivity.

Our choose for a life time warranty: BOCA’s Two-Seater bathtub

BOCA Walk-in Tubs specialization in walk-in bathtub with several of the shortest step-in entries ~ above the market. It uses six different sizes of walk-in tubs, including a two-seat model, all of which space made in the U.S. The this firm dealer network spans the country, v the bulk of its partner in the eastern unified States.

LogoCustom-built, so prices varyLow step-in heightsQuick-drain and optional treatment featuresLifetime warranty on every parts and componentsProfessional environment recommended
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BOCA’s Two-Seater bath tub measures 32 inches vast by 62 inch long and also features two seats dealing with each other. BOCA’s tubs all come standard v a short step-in height of 2 inches, a quick fill time and a leakproof design. This bath tub is make of fiberglass through a marine-grade gelatin coat and also a mold-, mildew- and also bacteria-resistant finish. The bathtub also has safety features, choose slip-resistant flooring and grab bars.

You can likewise customize your Two-Seater bath tub with therapeutic upgrades. Users have the right to enjoy whirlpool jets, air jets, chromatherapy, aromatherapy, heated seats and a surround sound system.

2-person walk-in bath tub costs

consider installation expenses when determining the expense of a two-person walk-in tubWalk-in bathtubs can be rather expensive, and also two-person tubs have the right to be even much more so. Basic two-person tubs price at the very least $2,000. Models that are bigger or come with more luxury features, prefer therapeutic jets and heated seats, room typically more expensive. High-end models might expense as much as $20,000, despite you have the right to realistically expect to pay about half of that.

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When picking a walk-in companion tub, it’s crucial to consider the cost of both the basin and the installation. Installation prices can variety from $1,000 to $3,000, depending on where you live and also the complexity of the installation. Much more expensive tubs perform not generally cost more to install 보다 cheaper ones. However, you deserve to expect to pay an ext for environment if friend need an ext extensive work-related done in your bathroom.