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I didn"t ask at the dealership, however had a question around the information sheet.Under "entertainment" section, I watch this:1st heat LCD monitors: 2What the hell does that mean?On my 11 forester, I have actually a ar at the peak of the center console that mirrors temp, clock, and MPG because that the 2 expedition clocks. I see it"s dubbed "multifunction display" or "color multifunction display"Is that one of the 2 LCD monitors in "1st row"? I"m suspect the display screen in the center of the driver gauges is one. ~ above the an easy model, the lists "1st row LCD monitors: 1"Roger

First row equals front seats.Two multifunction LCD display screens refers to the tiny LCD display in between the tachometer and speedometer and also the LCD display over the radio in the facility stack.

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